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Norway's Mackerel Fillet

Post Date : August 12
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Norway's Mackerel Fillet


  • Description of product(application/feature/advantage) :Our product of Norway Mackerel from North Atlantic Ocean, cold region at low water temperature, is soft and delicate taste due to a high content of fat. It is recognized that Norway Mackerel is the highest grade in its kind of fish worldwide.
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Fermented Red Ginseng Extract

Fermented Red Ginseng Extract

Fermented Red Ginseng Extract

Fermented Red Ginseng Extract, Extract

Fermented Red Ginseng Extract


This invention is to making a food composition in which available component of fermented red ginseng has been contained, after inoculating red ginseng with lactobacillus genus strain.

To be more specific, we have inoculated red ginseng powder or red ginseng extract with strain of lactobacillus brevis, lactobacillus pentosus or lactobacillus plant arum and cultivated over a day in order to get fermented red ginseng in which high amount of physiological stimulative agents are contained and then functional food composition containing a lot of available component can be produced.


  • Increasing the amount of polyphenol, acidic polysaccharide compared with red ginseng which was not being fermented.
  • Generating ginsenoside which promotes absorption rate and physiological activity.
  • Improving activity for anti-diabetes, antioxidant, anti-cancer, etc.
  • Different rate of absorption caused by the different number of bacteria in each individual can be overcome.


  • Red ginseng powder and extract have a thing in common before and after being fermented. It is a fact that total sugar content has been reduced.
  • In case of red ginseng powder, acidic sugar and polyphenol Rg3, Rd, etc. have been highly increased and also generated compound-K, compared with it before being fermented.
  • In case of red ginseng extract, changing process has been similar to that before being fermented, and also compound-K has been generated.
  • Appropriate condition for this invention is red ginseng powder, and inoculating with lactobacillus strain is the most desirable.

As a patented product(patent no.: 10-0866504) developed by our company, this fermented food of red ginseng promotes absorption rate of saponin in human body. Active ingredient of saponin in re ginseng is being decomposed by specific microbes in intestines and being absorbed in body. However, the microbes in intestines are different depending on individual eating pattern, ethnic race and physical constitution.

So, the efficacy of red ginseng takes place differently after administering. In order to eliminate the difference of efficacy, we have made specific microbes ferment red ginseng and finally accomplished standardization of red ginseng by overcomingindividual difference as well as difference of ethnic race.

With this product, not only ingredient of saponin, but non-saponin elements(protein-bound polysaccharide, nitrogen content, fat-soluble compound) of unique substances in ginseng can be fully absorbed as well as enjoyable its high efficacy.

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Crafted Cactus

Crafted Cactus

Crafted Cactus

Crafted Cactus


International standrd sizes and colors for grafted cactus are as follows.

  • Stem size : 6cm, 9cm, 14cm (Green)
  • Flower size : 3cm, 4.5cm (Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple)

We graft and grow our cacti up to the standard size, and exports them with unrooted stems.

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