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CFS (formerly Tiromat) M 420 packaging machine

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Post Date : August 12
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CFS / Tiromat compact
Food and healthcare products or non health...
M 420


CFS/Tiromat M 420. Foil/film warm forming, cutting and finishing packaging machine. Made by CFS (Tiromat), Germany.

CFS/Tiromat M 420 packaging machine.

The machine was bought as original new in 2008. Since then, the machine has never been used due to economical problems.

Condition: Technically perfect, new condition.

High performance in a small footprint

Due to its minimal space requirements, quick changeover to other products and enormous flexibility, CFS Compact is the perfect packaging machine for small to medium production capacities and for developing new markets. Two basic machine widths are available, enabling the processing of film widths from 220 to 420 mm in 10 mm incremental steps.

Machine parameters:

- Index length up to 450 mm for rigid and flexible bottom webs.

- Draw depth up to 130 mm (depending on heating/forming system, pack geometrix and material characteristics).

- 500 mm / 400 mm diameter for bottom / top web reels. 3"/6" cores.

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