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Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Drugs
Promote detoxicational function of ...
10,000 Box/Boxes per Month or depend on buyers


Naturenz stimulates appetite, supports to treat the conditions of frequent constipation, and enhances body resistance.

Protease (papain, chymopapain).........16.5 mg
Peroxidase ................................................62.25 mg
Beta-caroten..............................................2.025 mcg
L-Cystine + Methionine............................22.5 mg
Garlic powder (allicin).............................12.75 mg
Pluriamine.................................................225 mg
Protease from carica papaya’s latex, peroxidase from raphanus sativus and momordica charantia, beta-carotene in momordia cochinchinensis, Pouteria lucuma powder, momordica charantia powder, allicin, L-cystine, methionine, pluriamine (amino acid, micro-macroelements), additives (wheat starch, kollidon CL (1- ethenyl- 2- pyrolidinone homopolyme), sodium benzoate, aerosil, magnesium stearate), cellulose hard capsule.
Naturenz (natural enzymes) is a product obtained from the results of research KC0417/ KHCN 2001-2005. It was clinically tested in 600 war veterans infected with dioxin, through the Committee of Investigation into the outcomes of chemical war in Vietnam. The results showed that Naturenz helped the above subjects sleep well, gain weight and especially decrease itching, relieve the conditions of thick-skin and melasma.

Naturenz is a prominent achievement of the scientific project at a national level KC 0417 (2001-2005) of the Institute of Biotechnology. The product was granted a certificate of award by the Ministry of Science and Technology in accordance with the decision No.: 2799 QD-BKHCN.

Naturenz has these effects because it stimulates the activities of cytochrome P-450 enzyme system. This is a detoxifying enzyme system existing in all live creatures, has function o­n metabolising toxins to make them eliminated out of the body easily.

Naturenz is completely extracted from natural raw materials. They are beta-carotene extracted from momordia cochinchinensis and Pouteria lucuma, peroxidase from raphanus sativus and momordica charantia, papain from carica papaya, proteins hydrolyzed from silkworm cocoon. These active ingredients are well combined in an appropriate ratio to produce a highly effective product.
Naturenz has effects o­n detoxifying enhancement, restoring liver function, digestive stimulation, and is used in the following cases:
- Supportive therapy for hepatitis due to ultraviruses, hepatic apidosis, hepatic toxicosis, and impaired hepatic function.
- People with acnes; lumpy, dry, chapped, thick, browned, burnt skin, ...
- People working in a harmful environment, or people infected with toxic chemicals.
- People who frequently consume alcoholic drinks, coffee; and smoke, ...
Naturenz stimulates appetite, supports to treat the conditions of frequent constipation, and enhances body resistance.

Naturenz has no side effects, no toxins; therefore, it is safe for long term use.
Adults: orally take 1 capsule x 2 times daily after meals.
Naturenz is recommended to take daily. Naturenz should be continuously taken within 2-3 months; then, discontinue 1-2 weeks; then, repeat the use.
store in cool, dry places; protect from light.

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Eyelight Vita Yellow

Eyelight Vita Yellow

Eyelight Vita Yellow

health care products, ophthalmic drugs,

Vitamin B1 …………........... 5 mg
Vitamin B2………………..... 0.2 mg
Vitamin PP … …………….. 40 mg
Excipients q.s ……….…… 10 ml
(Citric acid, sodium citrate, nipagin, distilled water).
Ophthalmic solution.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride) plays an important role in glucide metabolism. This metabolism supplies energy to the eye cell. The deficiency of energy makes the core of crystalline lens be aged and results in cataract. Vitamin B1 helps eye cell with enough daily essential energy, reduces eyestrain conditions due to energy deficiency, prevents and treats cataract, prevents dim-eye diseases due to poisoning: alcoholic drinks, nicotine, malarial drugs, methylic alcohol…
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) plays an important role in participating in pig mental exchange in the retina, adapting eyes to the light. The direct supply of vitamin B2 to the eyes helps avoid frequent uncomfortable symptoms such as: lacrimation, reddened eyes, ocular itching, eyestrain, blepharitis, keratitis. Severe vitamin B2 deficiency may cause helcoma, hyperemia.
Vitamin PP (Nicotinamide) is indispensable in the reducing oxidation of eye-cell respiration. Vitamin PP prevents diseases e.g. pale conjunctiva, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, helcoma, eye ground nervous atrophy, photophobia, cataract, retinal hemorrhage,… Upon antiallergic property, Vitamin PP is also used in treatment of allergic conjunctivitis and in protection of ophthalmicmucosa.
Eyelight Vita Yellow supplies daily essential energy to the eyes, gives the eyes a health and resistance, prevents frequent ophthalmic diseases, reduces ophthalmic healthy weakening caused by daily activities and bad influences of surroundings.
Supply daily essential nutritional demand to the eyes sufficiently.
Prevent usual symptoms, which met frequently in the eyes such as lacrimation, reddened eyes, ocular itching, eyestrain, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, cataract,…
Help recovery and scar-healing in helcoma, corneal ambustion, blepharitis, allergic conjunctivitis,…
Hypersensitivity to any components of the drug.
No documents have been reported.
No documents have been reported.
No documents have been reported.
Inform your physician about any adverse effects occur during the treatment.
Instil 1 – 2 drops into each eye, 3 – 4 times daily.

12 months from the manufacturing date.
Store in cool, dry places; protected from light.

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Marvelous candy for cold and cough. Reduces cold, pharyngitis sore throat, raspy throat

Reduces the symptoms cough, sore throat. Disinfected respiratory

Menthol, Eucalyptol, Oleum zingiberis, Coleus aromaticus, Oleum cinnamon, sugar, food color (green).

250 g (100 units x 2.5g/ unit)

Eugica Candy has antiseptic property. It reduces symptoms such as cold, pharyngitis sore throat, raspy throat, hoarseness.
Eugica Candy is also used in cases of cough due to cold and in combination with treatment of respiratory tract infections.

Adults and children aged > 6 years can keep Eugica Candy in the mouth many times daily, o­ne for each. Maximum dose of 10 / day is recommended.

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