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Enfalac A+

  • 100 Box/Boxes
  • Newborn to 1 year old
  • Canada
  • Box, Can (Tinned)
  • Enfalac A+
  • Tag:infant milk
  • Supplier - Nestle Beverage Co. Ltd.
  • ThailandThailand
  • 51 - 100 People
  • Manufacturer
  • North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
  • Mr.Jiradet
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Post Date : August 18
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Newborn to 1 year old
Box, Can (Tinned)
Enfalac A+
T/T,bank to bank transfer
Infant Formula
3000 Box/Boxes per Day
Skimmed milk Powder Vitamin


Enfalac A+is our closest formula to breast milk.

Enfamil A+ Infant Formula
The nutrient blend in Enfamil A+ helps support normal:

The DHA and ARA in Enfamil A+® is clinically proven to result in IQ scores similar to those of breastfed infants and is also proven to support normal brain and eye development.

Support Normal Brain & Eye Development

Growth is an important measure of health. The nutrients in Enfamil A+® support baby’s normal growth.

Support Normal Growth

If you choose to use formula, talk to your baby’s health care professional about the many benefits of Enfamil A+ to your baby’s nutrition.

What are DHA and ARA?
DHA is the scientific shorthand for docosahexaenoic acid. ARA stands for arachidonic acid. DHA and ARA (sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats) are building blocks for your baby's normal brain and eyes. Enfamil A+ has DHA and ARA, important nutrients naturally found in breast milk.
How is Enfamil A+ your closest formula to breast milk?

Breast milk is the best nutrition for your baby, but when breast feeding is not possible or chosen, you can feel confident that the nutrients in Enfamil A+ are patterned after breast milk in the following ways:

The level of DHA (an Omega-3 fat) in Enfamil A+ is similar to worldwide mean breast milk values.*

The protein blend in Enfamil A+ is patterned after breast milk.†

The carbohydrate in Enfamil A+ is lactose, which is the primary carbohydrate source in breast milk.

Enfamil A+ has a level of choline similar to breast milk levels§

The nutrient blend in Enfamil A+ helps support normal brain and eye development and normal growth.

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Canation3Plus  Milk powder - honey

Canation3Plus Milk powder - honey

Canation3Plus Milk powder - honey

Valuable nutrients required. In quantities to love the baby grows high in calcium, vitamin C, D, E and B12, iron with high iodin

The main ingredient
"Skim milk powder, butter (Skimmed milk Powder) 46.00%.
Palm olefins Caffeine (Palm Olein) 17.00%.
Butter Milk Powder (Sweet Butter Milk Powder) 17.40%.
Sucrose (Sucrose) 9.20%.
Corn oil (Corn Oil) 4.30%.
2.5% honey.
Inulin (dietary fiber) 2.20%.
Lactose 2.10%.
Soy lecithin (Soya Lecithin) 0.32%.
Vitamins and minerals (Vitamins and Minerals) 0.27%.
Spinach powder, 0.14%.
Apple powder 0.14%.
Product features
Valuable nutrients required. In quantities to give children love growing Somwani high in calcium, vitamin C, D, E and B-12 high-iron mixed with iodine and dietary fiber from vegetables and apple green are the first in Thailand.

Product Highlights
1. Calcium contribute to blood clotting. And contribute to the process of building strong bones and teeth.
2. Iron is an important component of Mo Ko HC flights in red blood cells.
3. Vitamin C, high blood vessels healthy and help contribute to tissue collagen and cartilage tissue of the N..
4. Iodine is a necessary component of thyroid hormones. Which controls the growth and development of the body and brain.
5. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and high phosphorus
6. Folic acid high, high folate and folic acid, folate is important in erythropoiesis.
7. Phosphorus, phosphorus has helped in the process of building strong bones and teeth.
8. A protein essential to growth and to help repair the skin's surface layers. And amino acids needed to build protein in the body.
9. Vitamin E helps in the process of high anti-oxidant.
10. Vitamin B 1 and 12 have higher contribution in the work of the nervous system and brain.
11. Niacin helps the lining of the digestive system and skin in normal conditions.
12. 2% Innulin fiber extracted from Chicory, 0.14% Green Apple, 0.14% Spinach.
- Improve the balance to the digestive system. Excretion to be easy. Prevent constipation.
- Helps calcium absorption. To the beginning of the bones and teeth.
- Providing the body with immune diseases. Since inulin stimulates the growth of microorganisms called bacteria BUSINESS Indo Phil. (Bifidobacteria), which is responsible for the immune system of the body revealed that Stimulates the absorption of iron. To help build red blood cells.
- Help synthesize B vitamins. The effects of metabolism of the body And functioning of the brain.

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