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AC Servo Driver

Post Date : August 19
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1. Offer the broadest connectivity available
2. Bring you advanced control technology with compact packaging and commissioning

Our AC servo drives are designed to complement our wide range of rotary three phase servomotors and offer the broadest connectivity available in the global marketplace today. These drives bring you advanced control technology along with compact packaging and simplified commissioning.

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AC Servo Motor

AC Servo Motor

AC Servo Motor

1. Stable and Reliable 2. Full range functions, full types and series to meet all you need. 3. Easy to use, easy to maintain.

Rated Power (kW)5.5
Nominal Soeed (rpm)2000
Max. Speed (rpm)9000
Continuous Stall Torque (Nm)26.9
Peak Stall Torque (Nm)80.8
Rated Voltage (V)330
Rated Current (Amp)13.2
Demagnetizing Current IM (Amp)3
Magnetizing Current IM (Amp)5
Moment of Interia (JR)4.10
Rotor Time Constant (sec)0.486
Torque Cinstant Kt (Nm/Amp)2.03
Resistance (line-line)(Ohms)1.046
Inductance (line-line)(mH)9.851
Insulation (Class)H
Ambient Temperature (C°)40
Weight (Kg)46
Length (mm)477

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AC Servo Motor

AC Servo Motor

AC Servo Motor

- combining the quality of high torque at low speed stability and minimum vibration at high speed.
- Master Slave following func

Synchronous Motor will range from 200W to 15kW.Asynchronous motor will range from 5.5kW to 30kW.

We offer a complete range of product series; however, we are able to offer customize product according to customer choice and specification.

Accept high resolution feedback devices such as, Resolver, Encoder SIN/COS, Optical absolute / Incremental Encoder.

Encoder resolution can be interpolated from 65,536 to 4,000,000 counts per revolution, allowing the flexibility to suit various application requirement.

Supports analog and digital I/O control interface.

Standard RS232/RS485 interface can be network to provide multi-axis control, offering solution in production equipment that requires multi-axis co-ordination.

It is suitable for application in industrial automation, CNC machine tool, milling, grinding, turning, boring and other precision machinery.

Precise use of the coil, will achieve high efficiency and small scale transformation.

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