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Permanent Makeup Pigments

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pigment colors for permanent makeup, 36 different colors available in 15 ml. Bottles.

The processing of the colors is done in our clean room. We have set those rules to guarantee the highest hygienic level. Every lot is tested by a certificated microbiological laboratory. As minimum requirements we set ourselves GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
All colors have been optimized (especially regarding consistency) to be used with all other manufacturers devices. You will achieve a constant flow of pigments using our Pigment Colors.
The composition and sterile presentation are in conformity with the
93/42/EEC Directive, class II b, concerning medical device.
No product of Human or Bovine origin contains.

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Permanent Makeup Hand Method

Permanent Makeup Hand Method

Permanent Makeup Hand Method

Permanent Makeup Hand Method Kit

Our permanent makeup method of manually implanting pigment into the dermal (epidermis second layer) layer of the skin. This method is safe and gently produces natural looking permanent makeup. The colors are subtle and can be worn alone or highlighted with traditional cosmetics to create the desired look for any occasion.

Advantages to using the Perfect Brows® Permanent Makeup system

1. Complete control, there is no deposit of color unless you lift your tool forward and up.

It is almost impossible to make a mistake.
2. No clogging of pigments
3. No moving parts
4. No mechanical failures
5. No adjustments
6. No expensive autoclaves (this tool is 100% disposable)
7. Minimal spattering
8. Less pain and swelling
9. Less recovery time
10. No clean up of the tool, just throw it away
11. More natural looking

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Eye Lash Extension Kit

Eye Lash Extension Kit

Eye Lash Extension Kit

Eyelash Extension Pro- Kit

What are EBC Magic Lashes Eyelash Extensions?
"MAGIC LASHES" ARE AN EYELASH PRODUCER SPECILIZING IN SILK POLISHED EYELASH EXTENSIONS, TYPES : J , B , C & D CURLS, 0.10 mm. , 0.15 mm. , 0.20 mm. & 0.25 mm. Thickness & 7, 9, 11, 13 & 15 mm. Length.

Eyelash Pharmaceutical-Grade Black Glue
Many companies all over the world supplying eyelash extension products, but the most important difference between them is the quality of eyelash glue. The eyes they very sensitive parts of our body, from this reason EBC team formulated special Pharmaceutical-Grade lash extension black adhesive.

"Magic Lashes" Pro-Kit
The Pro-kit contains all the items required for professionals.
Each kit contains enough lashes to service approximately 500 clients when used properly. Four lengths of Magic Lashes eyelash extensions: 8 mm., 11 mm., 13 mm., and 15 mm.

1 Round Box Volume-up eyelash 0.20 mm. X 9 mm.
1 Round Box Volume-up eyelash 0.20 mm. X 11 mm.
1 Round Box Volume-up eyelash 0.20 mm. X 13 mm.
1 Round Box Volume-up eyelash 0.20 mm. X 15 mm.
1 Round Box eyelash 0.15 mm. X 9 mm.
1 Round Box eyelash 0.15 mm. X 11 mm.
1 Round Box eyelash 0.15 mm. X 13 mm.
1 Round Box eyelash 0.15 mm. X 15 mm.
1 Medical Grade Power Odor Less Black Glue (10 gr.)
1 Highest quality forceps straight.
1 Highest quality forceps curved.
1 Combo Brush
1 Battery powered eyelash curler.
1 High Grade Gel Glue Remover 15 gr.
1 Handy type rubber air-blower.
1 Medical Non-woven adhesive tape for application work.
1 Foam Wash Eyelash Cleanser 125 ml.
10 Pairs Under Eye Anti Wrinkles Patches for Eyelash Extensions
1 Educational DVD.
1 Aluminium Made Beauty Case.

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