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Apple Juice Concentrate

Post Date : August 20
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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Bandar abbas
2 years
No Preservatives
Juice, concentrate


IT'S Time of Ordering Charmway Co's Fruit Juice Concentrates ..
Estella on line:+98441 3464206

Today's Greating :

Charmway Co. as an active company in the filed of exporting Fruit Juice Concentrate,

Fruit Puree ,Fruit Juice and Tomato Paste,NOW offer bellow mentioned products:

*Pomegranate,Apple,Sour Cherry,White-Red Grape Juice Concentrate
*Apple,Apricot,Peach Puree
*Apple,Pomegranate,Mandarin,Persimmon,Orange,Kiwi Fresh Fruit
*Tomato Paste ( Brix 28-30% 36-38% )

Estella will appreciate Yr Contact to help You with related info.

Direct line: +98441 3464206 Y ID: saynafjcir

Sales & Exporting Manager:Ms. Estella Sabet

Hope You Very Good Days :)

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AppLe JUiCe Concentrate

AppLe JUiCe Concentrate

AppLe JUiCe Concentrate

Inquire APPLE JUICE CONCENTRATE Here ....Ask Estella on: Y ID : saynafjcir

Dear Buyer Company:

Our company is one of the Well-known CONCENTRATE Supplier of

Pomegranate, Apple, White –Red grape, Sour Cherry

and PUREE of Apple, Apricot, Peach.

Tomato Paste and FRESH Apple, Pomegranate, Orange, Mandarin, Kiwi, Persimmon

are another products to offer.

Find Competitive Prices and High Quality products in Our Company.

Having Price list & Specification of our products, Please contact me through:

Tel: +98 441 3464206 Fax: +98441 3453341 Yahoo ID : saynafjcir

Sales & Marketing Manager: Estella Sabet

Enjoy Your Working Day :)

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APPLE Juice Concentrate

APPLE Juice Concentrate

APPLE Juice Concentrate

-------> APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE Juice Concentrate ...Estella Y ID : saynafjcir

Day's Greating !

Charmway Company , offer its Fruit Juice Concentrate Products as bellow :

Apple Juice Concentrate Brix:70%
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Brix: 65%
Red/White Grape Juice Concentrate Brix: 65%
Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate Brix:65%
Apple,Apricot & Peach Puree Brix :28-30 %
Tomato Paste Brix 28-30 % & 36-38 %

Awaiting 2 provide u all related info on : Y ID : saynafjcir
Sales & Marketing Manager : Ms.Estella Sabet

Estella Hope You Great Day :)

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