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Nasal Irrigator and Aspirator

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Post Date : August 21
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The quick & efficient of washing with physological solution & of treating nose cavity and rhinopharynx with medical consultation

The first and the most complete device for the nasal care!

Suction and irrigation in one unique patented device.

Compact, delicate and easy to use with rechargeable batteries.

The high respiratory ways (nose, oral cavity, larynx and

trachea) represent the doorway for the air to reach the lower

respiratory tract (lungs). It’s in the high respiratory tract that

the air we breath first comes into contact with our body.

Temperature, purity or, on the contrary, air contamination

are the triggering causes of infections in the respiratory


Bremed has developed and patented an appliance which is

specific for the hygiene of the high respiratory ways, BD5600

is able to produce a nebulized mix for the treatment of the

upper respiratory ways; it is therefore particularly indicated

for the nose cavity hygiene. And, considering that it can

also provide a smooth vacuum suction to clean in a very

delicate way the nose, it is the most complete device for such

particular treatment.

BD5600 is the most effective means of washing or


Filtration is made easier thanks to the peculiar shape of

nose cavity, which makes the air-rich in dust particles –

make a sharp deflection; dust particles are then expelled

when they come into contact with turbinate mucosa (or



The nose mucosa is highly vascularized, and releases

the necessary heat to let the air reach the lungs at an

acceptable temperature, homogeneous to the rest of the



The air humidification is guaranteed by the calciumshaped

cells and by the big glands secreting a dense

and humid mucus; humid air reaching the lungs is quite

important to avoid the natural body reaction through

bronchospasm and cough.

treating the nose cavity and rhinopharynx, which are

performing different and important functions for the


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