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Fluorescent Brightener VBL,Whitening Agent VBL,Optical brightener

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  • Tag:Fluorescent Brightener VBL,Whitening Agent VBL, Optical brightener
Post Date : August 25
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Other Household Chemicals
L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,T/T or L/C


Maily used in bleach of catton fiber,pulp fiber and vividness enhancement for printing cotton fiber.

Item Index Appearance(25oC ) Fine light yellow powderMax UV absorption spectrum (nm) 348TINT Similar to standard sampleWhiteness Similar to standard sampleMoisture ≤5%Residue in water ≤0.5%Fineness(remains through 180mm mesh) ≤10%Application:1.Whitening agent for cotton fabric and gluing products, vivdence for light color
or printing products. It show normal sun light resistence, has good affinity with
cellulose fiber, normal level dyeing result, can be used in printing pulps andexhausting or padding dyeing.2.Whitening agent for polyvinyl alcoholic fiber and polyamide fiber.3. Whitening agent for paper industry, paper pulp or paints.Procedure:1.When used in dyeing industry, add directly into the dyeing bath, solved with water
then can be in use. The dosage is 0.08-0.3%, bath ration:1.40 ideal bath temperature
60oC.2.When used in paper industry solved with 80 times and added into paper pulp or paints.
The dosage is 1.0%-0.3% of the dry pulp or paints.Transportation and storage: Should avoid sunlight and crash.Should be stored in cool, dry and ventilate place,
stored term shouldn't exceed 2 years.

Fluorescent Brightener VBL,Whitening Agent VBL,Optical brightener

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