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6 inch refractor telescope

Post Date : August 25
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doublet achromatic objective lenses,auto GOTO tracking star system/GPS and electro-adjusting focuser for astrophotographer.

6 inch refractor telescope - doublet achromatic objective lenses optical system.
Aperture:6inch/152mm telescope lens,Focal length (f):1200mm (47-inch), f/8,Multi coated green telescope lenses,Telescope Mount:Heavy duty eq5 German equatorial mountFinder scope:8x50mm, Telescopes Tripod: heavy duty steel tube tripod, Telescope Eyepieces:31.75mm (1.25") eyepiece pl6.5mm, pl20mm,50.8mm (2-inch) telescope focuser, 31.7mm (1.25-inch) 90-degree Mirror telescope Diagonal,Angular resolution (resolving power):0.753 arcsec,Maximum useful magnification:299x, Limiting magnitude:14.8,Optional telescopes accessories: computerized telescopes:Auto GOTO tracking star system for EQ5,GPS telescopes:GPS external module,astrophotography telescope:Electro-focuser compatible with Auto GOTO tracking star
system ,motorized reflector telescope:Dual axes hand control motor driver box for EQ5,2x or 3x achromatic barlow lens,2x ED barlow lens,70 degree Super Wide Angle/SWA eyepieces,80 degree Ultra Wide Angle/UWA eyepieces,Extra Dispersal/ED Eyepieces,zoom eyepieces,45 degree or 90 degree 100% full reflex roof prism,8x50 illuminating reticle finder scope,6mm or 12mm Illuminating reticle guide scope,Moon filter/luner filter,moon telescopes,Sun filter/solar filter,solar telescopes,sun telescopes,more eyepiece adapter and camera adapter for your option.other 6 achromatic refractor telescope:6inch,D=152mm,f=990mm,other objective size of achromatic refractor telescope:5inch,D=127mm,f=1200mm,5inch,D=127mm,f=820mm,4inch,D=102mm,f=1000mm,4inch,D=102mm,f=660mm.other Semi-Apochromatic/Super Achromatic Optical System Refractor Telescope:6inch,D=152mm,f=760mm,5inch,D=127mm,f=635mm.other ED APO refractor telescope:3.15inch,D=80mm,f=480mm,4inch,D=102mm,f=700mm,5inch,D=127mm,f=952mm.

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binoviewer Extra dispersal/ED eyepieces spotting scope

binoviewer Extra dispersal/ED eyepieces spotting scope

spotting scope with a pc of binoviewer and 2pcs of Extra dispersal/ED25mm eyepieces.

binoviewer Extra dispersal/ED eyepieces spotting scope.32x110,Specification -Magnification : 32x,Objective Diameter : 110mm,Fielf of View : 1.6 degree, Eye Relief : 20mm,SHORTEST FOCUS DISTANCE : 10m,Weight : 4.325kg,Size : 485x158x152mm,Feature - with high quality optical performance of binoviewer eyepiece,same color as our scope body,with two pcs of Extra dispersal/ED25mm eyepieces, with soft carrying pouch and aluminium case.optional tripod.

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