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Post Date : August 28
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Zinc Organic Salt
China (Mainland)


Purity: 97% - 99%
Free ethanol: 1% max


light grey powder

Purity: 97%-99%
Fe: ≤0.03%
Free ethanol: ≤1%

Packing: 25kg cardboard bucket or 100kg Zinc plated bucket

Application: It is mainly used in synthesis of medicine and agricultural.

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98% Potassium Fluorozirconate

98% Potassium Fluorozirconate

98% Potassium Fluorozirconate

Potassium Fluorozirconate
white free flowing
Main content: 98% min
packing: 25/1000kg bag or fibre drum

Potassium Fluorozirconate



Main content: 98% min

Cl: 0.15% max

Moisture: 0.1% max

SO4: 0.5% max

Heavy metal(Pb): 0.01% max

Fe: 0.02% max

Granularity: 325mesh:20%max


Packing: 25/1000kg paper or plastic woven bag or fibre drum 

Application: Raw material for metallic zirconium and its compounds; making Al-Ng alloy; ceramics and glass.


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Aluminium Fluoride

Aluminium Fluoride

Aluminium Fluoride

Aluminium Fluoride:
1.Main content: 90% min
2.Moistuer: 0.5% max

Aluminium Fluoride:


F: 60% min

Al: 30% min

Na: 0.5% max

SiO2: 0.5% max

Fe2O3: 0.1% max

H2O (5500C,1h): 0.5% max


Packing: 25/1000kg plastic woven bags with film lining.



Application: It is mainly used to adjust the molecular ratio in aluminium electrolyzing bath as a flux. The anhydrous AlF3  can reduce environmental pollution, improve the production yield of aluminium smelters and lower electrolytic cost.

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