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HY-40ZJ Man Portable Drilling Rig

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  • Hebei China (Mainland)
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  • HY-40ZJ
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Post Date : August 28
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Hebei China (Mainland)
50 Set/Sets per Month
Rotary Drilling Rig


HY-40ZJ man portable drilling rig can be used in mountain, hill, Plain, Forest, Farmland for petroleum prospecting.


HY-40 portable drill is mounted with hydraulic top-driven system with compact and strong structure to work in the toughest working condition. It can be used in any of the most difficult area that vehicles can not access, such as: sharp mountain, hill, heavy forest, etc. It has good performance in drilling on hard rocks in high efficiency.

HY-40 has sufficient drilling capability in different drilling methods: air drilling, mud drilling, auger drilling or with DTH hammer.

Clients can choose to use gasoline engine or diesel engine as the power of drilling rig.

The reliability, efficiency and quality reputation has been set up among clients by several thousands units of portable drill rigs used in different countries.

The rig is installed with safety, caution and environmental protection signs, and it meets with the requirement of HSE.

All the connections, no matter mechanical connection, or electrical wires, or hoses, are quick connections or quick couplings. The rig can be disassembly into different modules within 10 minutes. The weight of the heaviest module is less than 100kg. Helicopter lifting hook are mounted on each rig.

The drilling rig has nominated performance: in the area that altitude 0-3000m above sea level, -10°Cand +40°Cambient temperature in dusty environment.

Main features

All quick-coupling/connectio

Belt tension strengthen facility to extend belt life.

Load sensing hydraulic system to provide enough power of hoisting and rotation.

Operating in the ambient temperature from –10oC to +55oC in dusty environment.

Low speed and compact power swivel

Two mast stabilizers with angular adjustment within 30°.

Adjustable legs to stabilize the drill rig.

High capacity for air flushing with a drag bit or percussion drilling in rock with DTH hammer.

Compliant with HSE requirements

Main Specifications

w/o Gasoline engine

w/o Diesel Engine

Model of drilling rig



Max. drilling depth(m)



Drilling methods

DTH hammer, Air, Mud, Auger

DTH hammer, Air, Mud, Auger

Drilling diameter (mm)



Output torque(N.m)



Rotation speed(r/min)



Hoisting weight(kg)



Engine power(hp)

3 x 27 (Kohler)

3 x 19 (Ruggerini/Kohler diesel)

Engine rating(r/min) speed



Air compressor displacement (m3/min)

3.5~4.0(2 sets)

3.5~4.0(2 sets)

Air compressor pressure (2sets) (Mpa)



Total weight (Exclude drilling tools) (kg)



Main modules and features

1. Base frame

Light metal structure, bolt with stud and nuts, enough to support mast, engine for rig and hydraulic system. It can be adjusted by hand to suit different well site.

2. Mast and bracket

The mast is welded by light steel, 1700mm travel distance, low speed high torque hydraulic motor drives chain to finish pull up/pull down movement.

3. Power swivel

High torque hydraulic motor drives power swivel directly the hollow shaft of swivel to finish drilling rotation, without reduction device. The swivel can work both on Air or Mud systems.

4. Engine

Gasoline engine: 3 modules of 27hp two cylinders 4-stroke gasoline engine.


Diesel engine: 3 modules of two cylinders 4 stroke diesel engine, air cooled with flywheel fan. The engine installs with emergency shut off system. 19hp/3600r/min, electric starting.

Battery: sealed maintenance free, 12V.

5. Oil pump, oil tank, reversal valve assy.

Oil pump: one sets of constant pressure, variable displacement pump, connecting to the engine by means of coupling. The hydraulic flow is controlled by directional control valves with pressure compensator. Reversal valve: operated by hand.

Hydraulic hose: fitted with quick disconnect and coupling system.

6. Radiator aluminum radiator, 12 volt electric machinery drives a fan to cool hydraulic oil.

7. Mud pump package (Optional)

Honda centrifugal mud pump package with 5.5 hp Honda gasoline engine. 710L/min 0.26Mpa

OR centrifugal mud pump with Chinese diesel engine. 370L/min 0.26Mpa

8. Air compressor package (two sets)

Screw type air compressor, driven by 27hp gasoline engine or 19hp diesel engine.

Flow rate: 3.5~4 m3/min(two sets) Pressure: 0.8 Mpa

9. Drilling tools

Drilling pipe: 60mmX1500mm

Drilling bits: 3” drag bit or 3 1/2” drag bit

DTH air hammer: 70# DTH air hammer (option: Atlas Copoco DTH air hammer 70#)

DTH hammer bit: 75mm

Auger drill bit: 90mm

Auger stem: center stem 50mm/ OD:90mm

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WTZ-300 Drilling Rig

WTZ-300 Drilling Rig

WTZ-300 Drilling Rig

WTZ-300 drilling rig is used to prospect petroleum, coal, minerals, hydrology engineering and drill engineering hole.

WTZ-300 truck mounted drilling rig is used to prospect petroleum, coal, minerals, hydrology engineering and drill engineering hole. The drilling rig applies in complex terrain, such as Gobi and Desert area. The drilling rig is mounted on 6*6 off-road chassis and take-off power from truck engine directly. The drilling rig can be drill hole with mud drilling and air drilling. It has comprehensive drilling ability. The rig consists of re tractable rotary table with five speeds, two double-drum drawworks, power air compressor and mud pump, constant pressure Pull down device, four hydraulic leveling jacks, concentrated panel and operating levers.

Main specifications

Drilling method

Mud drilling

Air drilling

Drilling depth

Mud drilling

300 m

Air drilling

80 m

Drilling tools

Drilling pipe


φ85.7 X 7100 mm

Drilling pipe

φ60.3 X 6100 mm

Drilling bit

3-wings drag bit

5 1/2

Rock bit

4 5/8

Rotary table

Max output torque

5200 Nm

Rotary speed





Pull down & hoisting system

Max hoisting force


Pull down force


Max hoisting speed

1.0 m/s

Hydraulic system


16 MPa

Air compressor


One stage compression

0.25 MPa

Two stage compression

0.8 MPa


One stage compression

16.5 m3/min

Two stage compression

12.5 m3/min

Mud pump

Max displacement

570 L/min

Max Pressure

3.0 MPa

Water injection pump








Load capacity


Overall dimensions

L*W*H (mm)

10460×2500 × 3800

Gross weight


Basic rig made of :

1. Main framework:

Made out of welded high quality steel structural members and tubular sections. 4 hydraulic stabilizers for leveling and positioning the rig, complete with check valve and ball joint steel plate.

2. Mast support upright:

Made out of electrically welded high quality steel, hydraulic cylinders for lowering and raising the mast.

3. Mast:

type construction, made out of electrically welded high quality steel. Length:

4. Rotary table

High quality cast-iron case, pinion-crown transmission, alloy treated steel shaft gear mounted on bearings, oil lubrication,.

Max. output torque: 5200N.m

Rotary speed: 27-267

5. Pull down system:

Hydraulically powered device by means of motor and heavy-duty high resistance chain.

Pull down force:30kN

6. Drawworks

Double drum, power by mechanism device.

7. Mud pump

horizontal, double action duplex pump, made up of fluid and power ends, gear with eccentrics, connecting rods, crossheads, liners, pistons, rods, valve and valve seat, pulsation dampener, mud suction pipework.

8. Air compressor

Mode 2w-12.5/8, double-stage single operating reciprocating piston model. 2W-12.5/8 air compressor has many advantages, such as compact construction, performance well, maintain easy, working steady and reliable.

Number of cylinder (one-stage) 4 +(2-stage) 2

9. Hydraulic system

Hydraulic oil tank, canopy inspection and cleaning, filter, level indicator, and temperature gauge.

Hydraulic pump (made in USA, :constant pressure variable displacement axial piston pump,

Hydraulic Pull down motor (made in Italy): low speed high torque,

Hydraulic multiple valve ( made in Italy): hand operated, 8 units

10. Truck

The driling rig can be mounted on several kinds of different of truck.

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Drilling Rig WTZ-100K

Drilling Rig WTZ-100K

Drilling Rig WTZ-100K

WTZ-100K drilling rig is suited to seismic prospect petroleum, coal, minerals in complex area like as beach, grovel, clay.

WTZ-100K drilling rig is a kind of new type drilling rig that developed to satisfy with requirement of drilling hole in complex area. The drilling rig is mounted on high off-road truck and take-off power from the chassis engine. The power swivel of drilling rig can output high torque with low speed and low torque with high speed, it is suited to seismic prospect petroleum, coal, minerals in complex area like as beach, grovel, clay course.


All-hydraulic top head drive rotary drilling rig, mounted on 4*4 off-road truck and take-off power from truck engine directly.


Geological findings, seismic exploration


Depth 100 m (Mud drilling)

Overall dimensions:

Length x Width x High 7719 x2380 x3300mm

(Drilling states) 6544 x2380 x6675mm

Gross weight: 7768 kg


Heavy duty all electric welded steel frame, stroke about 4500mm, two hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lowering.

Height 6 m

Hydraulic rotary head

High quality cast-iron case, pinion-gear transmission, alloy treated steel shaft and gears mounted on bearings, oil bath lubrication. Power Swivel driven by hydraulic motor provide full controlled power and rotational speeds in clock wise and anti clock wise (Forward & Reverse) with heavy duty seals to bear high pressures. The power swivel can be turn out definite angle to connect drilling pipe easily.

Output torque 3300 N.m / 110r/min

1650 N.m / 220r/min

Pull-down & pullup system

Drives by hydraulic motor in connection with chain and necessary sprocket.

Max. pull-up 2500 kN (2500 Kgs)

Max. pull-down 24.5 kN (2450 Kgs)

Max. speed 1.1 m/s

Hydraulic system

Piston type hydraulic pump

Rotation system / pullup-pulldown system 16/8 MPa

Displacement 160/80 L/min

Mud pump

Horizontal, double action duplex pump, made up of fluid and power ends, gear with eccentrics, connecting rods, crossheads, liners, pistons, rods, valve and valve seat, pulsation dampener, mud suction pipe work.

Model: WT450/25

Displacement: 450 L/min

Working pressure: 2.5 MPa

Drilling tools:

Water drilling pipe Φ60mm (OD) x4000 mm (L)

Scratcher bits 41/2 Diameter


Model: EQ1093F6D

Max. load weight 5000kg

Overall dimensions (LXWXH) 6910x2470x2475mm

Axle base 3850mm

Wheel base Front wheel/ Rear wheel 1774/1800mm

Angle of approach 42.5°

Angle of departure 26°

Min turning diameter 16.4m

Min. grounding clearance 260mm

Capacity specification

Max. speed 94km/h

Max. climbable gradient 55°

Fuel consumption per 100km 19L

Fuel type Diesel


Model EQB160-20

Type Six-cylinder in-line, four stroke direct injection water cooling diesel engine with exhaust gas turbocharger

Rated power 118kW/2600r/min

Max. torque 550N.m/1500~1700r/min

Cylinder diameter 102mm

Stroke 120mm

Clutch; Single disc frictional dry clutch with spring absorber and frication damp plate, operated by hydraulically

Gear box

Model: A121J, hand operated, consist of five forward gear and one reverse gear.

Transfer case

Operated by mechanism with low and high speed range. Speed ratio: 1.08, 2.05.


Front axle 2x9.00-20 12PR

Rear axle 4x9.00-20 12PR

Spare wheel 1x9.00-20 12PR

Iinflation \ pressure 0.63kPa

Electrical and instruments system

Circuit voltage: 24V

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