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Digital Swarmandal Indian Harp

  • 10 Piece/Pieces
  • Karnataka India
  • Dark brown
  • Bangalore, India
  • Carry case provided
  • Tag:Swarmandal harp
Post Date : September 04
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Karnataka India
Dark brown
Bangalore, India
Carry case provided
Radel Swaroopini
20 Piece/Pieces per Month


Swaroopini Dx is a digital swarmandal or Indian harp. User can create, store and recall 10 ragas on it.

The Digital Swarmandal Swaroopini Dx is Radel's latest innovation. A boon to vocalists, it has these features:

No frequent changing of strings
No laborious tuning and re-tuning

24 touch-sensitive strings over 3 octaves
Easy tuning of each string to preset notes (Shadj, Shuddh re / komal re, komal / shuddh Ga, etc)
A minimum of 6 possible notes can be selected on each string
Fine-tuning facility for each note
Mute facility for each string
Sensitivity of pluck can be adjusted according to user's choice (some may pluck harder, some softer)
Sustain of notes can be adjusted
Upto 4 strings can be played together at a time like a chord( 4-note polyphony)
Pitch can be selected over a range of 1 octave (A to A#).
All the strings will automatically adjust to the new selected pitch
5 voice choices
Ten ragas can be tuned and saved in memory. These can later be recalled at the touch of a button.
Each set of pre-tuned raga can be recalled from memory at the touch of a button
This saves time and effort in re-tuning for each raga during performance
Exampleof use: If the user plans to sing Yaman, Todi, Khamach and Bhairavi ina performance, he / she can, at leisure or even the previous day,carefully select the required notes and pretune them for each rage,storing them in Memory #1 (Yaman), Memory #2 (Todi) Memory #3 (Khamach) and Memory #4 (Bhairavi).
On stage, they only need to have a small slip of paper to remind them which memory location relates towhich raag. Then at the appropriate time, just press and recall the relevant memory location
LCD display to show the various selections
Line out socket provided (1/8 ")
User can change a string if desired / if it snaps
Elegant fibreglass cabinet
Convenient to use
Size: 500 x 360 x 55 mm
Wt: 2.7 kg

Plus the standard Radel features:
»Use on any voltage between 90-260V AC
»Automatic switch-over to batteries
»3 year Radel warranty, Radel quality and Radel service support
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Digital Tabla

Digital Tabla

Digital Tabla

Digital tabla for North Indian music practise, from the original inventors. Superb natural tabla sound, auto-plays 100 rhythms.

Taalmala Digi-100 - The first MIDI compatible Indian musical instrument
Thedigi-100 is a state-of-the-art digital musical instrument that has been designed by the pioneers in Indian electronic musical instruments.This instrument has stunningly realistic sampled natural tabla soundalong with sophisticated features unmatched by any other model of electronic tabla. These are:
* 100 thekas in various taals that can be played at any tempo.
* Thekas to suit classical music, Thumri, Ghazals, Bhajans and light music.
*MIDI Compatible -the first Indian MIDI instrument - connect to akeyboard and creatively play tabla using keys of the keyboard.
* Tihayee facility for various thekas.
*FILL-IN facility for all 100 thekas.
* Laggi for selected thekas.
* Ten of the thekas can be modified by the user and stored in memory.
* A multi-functional digital display for indicating taal number, matra number, pitch, tempo and laggi group.
* Digital tuning of pitch with facility for fine tuning within half notes.
* Two settings for bayan (dagga) depth.
* Memory for storing the fine tuned pitch, tempo and bayan setting.
* Two user programmable thekas that can be stored in memory.
* Line-out and Speaker/headphone-out facility (to fit 1/8" jack)
The Taalmala digi-100 is housed in a sleek, lightweight ABS cabinet of size : 230 x135 x 90 mm, weight approx.1kg.
The standard Radel features provided are:
» Automatic operation on any voltage from 90-260V or six (C size 1.5V) internal dry batteries.
» Provision to save selected pitch and tempo in memory
» 3 year warranty plus renowned Radel after-sales service
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Bijou Musical Jewel MP3 Player

Bijou Musical Jewel MP3 Player

Bijou Musical Jewel MP3 Player

Chic fashion accessory-cum audio player / storage device. Unique design. Looks like jewelry pendant. Amazing sound quality. 512

Bijou A Style Statement

There are a variety of electronic gifts available today mp3 players by the hundreds, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, headphones etc. Amongst this clutter, one product stands out for its sheer class. That is the Bijou the musical jewel.

This is a shuffle digital audio player, in the shape of an exquisite pendant. Bijou is a unique fashion accessory created for music lovers all over the world. Elegant, stylish and chic, this is an accessory that you would love to wear. The unisex accessory, it looks great on men and women alike.

While the obvious advantage is its classy look, the secret of Bijou however is that it is a high quality music player. The sound quality is awesome. Plug in the earphones and get transported into the world of surround sound!

The quality of sound offers serious competition to well known brands (it has noise suppression built in to the earphones). Combined with its ease of use, built-in Li-polymer battery, easy download of songs (drag-and-drop), and most importantly, the fact that it is a hands-free product, where you do not need to carry it in a pocket - make this a must-have product. It can be worn while in use, as well as when not in use it looks so pretty. All other music players look like a gadget hanging around your neck not the Bijou! There is truly no product comparable to the Bijou anywhere in the world.

It is the rage in the USA, where many avid gym enthusiasts can you believe this?) actually seem to prefer this over the i-pod, (for the simple reason that they need not carry it separately, and need not peer at the controls while on the treadmill.

If you want a product that stands out from the rest, and speaks for your sophisticated taste, the Bijou is the perfect choice.


  • A shuffle digital audio player that can store up to 350 songs (depending on the model)
  • Looks like a jewelry pendant
  • Compatible with any dress that you choose to wear
  • Easy controls, lightweight
  • Easy to download any music you want just connect it like a USB memory stick, drag and drop on the computer
  • Clear sound, choice of equalizer settings


Product type: Flash memory player

Dimensions: 22 x 54 x 10.7 mm (the size of your thumb)

Weight: 15 gm

Digital audio formats supported: mp3 (MPEG 1/2/2.5, Layer 3), WMA, ASF

Storage: 2 models available - 512 MB / 1 GB

OS supported: WinXP and above

Battery: Rechargeable (built-in) Li-polymer, over 5 hrs play per charge

PC interface: USB 2.0

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