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MonoFoil Antimicrobial Technology

  • 250 Gallon/Gallons
  • Indiana United States
  • Houston
  • Pure
  • MFG13001
  • Tag: Antimicrobial
Post Date : September 07
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Indiana United States
Aqueous solution
Gallon Bottle
T/T,Western Union
Agriculture Grade, Industrial G...


MonoFoil Antimicrobial Technology is organic, nonleaching, and hypoallergenic. Looking for distributors interested in selling.

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Organic, Hypo-allergenic, "Mechanically cleaning" antimicrobial. This is the most affordable, perfectly performing technology!

Why use antimicrobial protection?

Bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi can be discovered in every environment and are part of normal everyday life. Even in the cleanest environments, many kinds of microbes will begin to multiply on surfaces and sometimes reach harmful levels. If these contaminated surfaces are touched by individuals or contact everyday products, the transfer of microbes begins, resulting in cross-contamination. Pathogenic bacteria, such as MRSA, STAPH and E.Coli can be spread via cross-contamination, which can lead to infection and illness in humans and animals.

Bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi can also build-up on products, making them unclean, unhygienic, or discolored. Our bio-static antimicrobial additive applications provide permanent surface protection, continuously working 24/7, to inhibit the growth of microbes which can cause sickness, stains, odors or declination of products.

How it works.

The active ingredient of the MonoFoil™ Antimicrobial is an organo-functional silane technology. It physically disrupts or “disembowels” the target organism’s cell membrane on contact. Our product molecularly bonds to a treated substrate, thus making the entire material itself antimicrobial. This means that organisms do not metabolize the active and become resistant. Through extensive studies, this colorless, odorless, and non-leaching technology was found to be safe and effective against a broad spectrum of virus, fungi, bacteria, algae, and yeast.

Bio-Static Antimicrobial Surface Protection

is a bio-static antimicrobial additive that can be impregnated into the product providing elemental antimicrobial protection both inside the product and at the surface. This protection will not wash off or wear away, giving it permanent antimicrobial product surface protection for the useful life of the product.


is the only chemical bound, non-leaching additive that provides unmatched safety and performance, at a competitive price. Our product tested at 0.25% by standardized test methods out-performs a competitive 1% silver product by several orders of magnitude with statistical significance and a p-factor that rivals all standards in any study. In short, our antimicrobial protection is EPA registered, tested by independent laboratories, and is effective against a broad range of microbes.

Antimicrobial Protection is Green

The MonoFoil™ antimicrobial additive can be incorporated in a variety of materials, including powder coating, gel coats, latex paints, polymers, fabrics, paper products, and wood. The antimicrobial protection is non-leaching and environmentally friendly.

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