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Polyurethane Continous Sandwich Panel Line

  • 1 Unit/Units
  • Istanbul
  • Niksan
  • PU Continous Sandwich Panel Line
  • Istanbul Turkey
  • Tag:PU Continous Sandwich Panel Line
  • Supplier - Niksan Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret
  • TurkeyTurkey
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  • Mr.MURAT
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Post Date : September 08
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Item specifics

PU Continous Sandwich Panel Line
Istanbul Turkey
5 Unit/Units per Month


Yearly production capacity
(8hr working per day)
approx 800,000 m2!!

Advantages of PUR Sandwich Panel

Thermal Insulation
Fireproofing (PIR Foam)
Water & Moisture-Proofing
Sound insulation
Easy Application
Saving Cost
Various Architectural Styles
Beautiful Appearance

Technical Data

Raw material

color coated steel coil or soft face coil

Coil weight

Max. 7.5 ton

Coil width

Max. 1,220mm

Line speed


Pass line

approx 1,200mm

Crane in factory


Panel length


Panel width


Panel thickness


Foam system

PUR or PIR Rigid Foam

Foam density

approx 35~45kg/m3

Inner height or building


Temperature of factory


Temperature of Tank

20 ~ 23°C

Factory length

120 ~ 150m

Factory width

15 ~ 25m

Electric consumption PU line


Required man power PU line

6~7 men

Yearly production capacity

Production speed

6~7m/min (50mm T standard)

1 hour production

420 m2

1 day production

3,360 m2

1 year production (300working days)

1,008,000 m2

Efficiency 80%

806,400 m2

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Polyurethane High Pressure Machine Mixhead

Polyurethane High Pressure Machine Mixhead

Polyurethane High Pressure Machine Mixhead

It is possible to replace our Mix heads with Cannon and all other companies high pressure mixing heads directly.

The Advantage of Ureatac Mixhead

High mixing efficiency by double tilted injection nozzle
Stable laminar flow- Smoothing of the mixture stream & Wide laminar range
Suitable for rigid and flexible foam with low and high viscosity
When 4 components are to be metered and mixed simutaneously
Innovative nozzle control for minimum switching times at multi-component
Economical and reliable
Long operation life & Low maintenance cost
Anti- stick locking design & Anti- scrap floating design

All mixing heads will be included 2 sets Nozzle Ass’y without sensors.

Double-angled injection

Simple Tran type
(L-type) Design

Throttle control bloc

The enhance of initial kinetic
energy which is caused by with
1st and 2nd collision :
The swirl flow of very various size

The enhance of Kinetic energy
and swirl flowange
by Reverse flow

Maximize offset process of
kinetic energy by the maximum
mixing efficiency of high
viscosity materials

The most soft lamina flow at
outlet pipe

Easy maintenance & repair

Installation of Nozzle block
to supply materials

Easy Nozzle set up

Design which is removed
a piping interference :
Easy disassembly & assembly

The control of throttleregulation
is possible

Mixing efficient & Laminar flow
by throttle regulation

Suppression effect of
air void in Initial mixing flow

Replacement Table for Ureatac Mix heads




Krauss Maffei (KM)

EMB (Elastogran)

MXL 0507-2C


MK 5/8-2K

MXL 0610-2C

FPL 10

MK 6/10-2K

MKE 10-3B

MXL 0812-2C

MX12, MQ12

MK 8/12-2K

MXL 1014-2C

FPL 14

SMA 10-2/16
MKE 14-3B

MXL 1218-2C

FPL 18

MX18, MQ18

MK 12/18-2K

MXL 1220-2C


MXL 1220-4CD

MK 12-12/18-2K

MXL 1220-4CS

MK 14/20-4CN

MXL 1422-4CD

FPL 22

SMA 14-2/22

MXL 1625-2C

FPL 24

MX25, MQ25

MK 16/25-2K

SMA 20-2/32
MKE 24-3B

MXL 1016-2C


MK 10/15-2K

SMA 14-4/22

MXL 18/22-6CS

MK 18/22-6CN

MXS 10-2C

LN 10

MK 10-2K

MKE 10-2K
MKE 10-3B

MXS 18-2C

LN 18

MK 16-2K,
MK 20-2K

MKE 20-2K

MXS 25-2C

LN 25

MK 25

MKE 28-2K
MKE 24-3B

MXS 30-2C

MKE 28-2K

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PUR / PIR Sandwich Panels (Aluminum or Galvanized steel)

By dispensing PUR/PIR between two rigid facings (aluminum, galvanized steel, glass reinforced plastics (GRP), etc.), light weight high strength incorporating thermal insulation panels are produced. Sandwich panels are used primarily as prefabricated exterior walls and roofs of buildings where thermal insulation and high bearing strength are needed. Panels are available in different sizes and witdhs.

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