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Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine

Post Date : September 08
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"ultrasonic lace sewing machine "
1. Use ultrasonic energy to cut, weld, seal seam, hole, emboss, s

"ultrasonic lace sewing machine "
1. Use ultrasonic energy to cut, weld, seal seam, hole, emboss, stitch, slit, form. Color & fold.
2. Need no traditional needle & thread. Generally need no plastic film & paper.
3. No dissipated edge, wrinkle & shrinkage.
4. Can work continuously for mass production. Can work curves; easy to change rollers.
5. Can print color on the laces with colored paper
6. No smoke, spark, danger.
7. Accurate & durable alloy rollers are designed by computer aid & made with sculpthured molds.
8. Thousands of pattern roller designs available.
The ultrasonic lace sewing machine may be applied in decoration ornaments, packaging, knitting products, sport wear, bed cover, window shades, shower mask, underwear, . . . . . . . . Etc
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