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Car Audio Car Accessory Braim's Ground Tuning cable, GND-TUN cable, made in Japan

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Post Date : September 11
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Ground Tuning Cable
Japanese price: 6,000yen (without Tax)
Import Price: ???yen

Braim's GND-TUN (An impedance improvement cable) can lower alternating-current resistance (impedance).

Japanese Price: 6,000yen(without Tax)

Import Price: ???yen

Master Carton in amount: 10pcs

Master Carton Net Weight: 1.6kg

Master Carton Gross Weight: 2.4kg

With VR-12, the stabilization of a main battery power supply becomes possible.
GND - TUN is the earth cable which arranged a special core in both ends.
Exchange noise is excluded by connecting this to minus terminal of a battery and an engine block.
It's possible to lower impedance. (A battery connects the car in the rear to a body and an engine block.)
As a result, it becomes easy to be transmitted through a signal of a high frequency like a pulse signal.
A power supply of the power amplifier into which DC-DC converter is loaded is made efficient, and the sound quality improves.
The spark of a spark plug is strengthened and movement of an injector becomes stable,
and there is various development improvement of engine feelings and the mileage.
The vehicle withEarth-bonding is ideal.
When impedance is improved because resistance of direct current is low, more cars of Earth bonding will be in the ideal state.
Using with VR-12, it's possible to get the synergistic improvement.

Specification of GND-TUN
Core Six special cores
Terminal The round shape 24 gilding for M8
Cable 8 gauge OFC heat resistance
he chief of cable length of cable 1m
Weight 160g

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Car Audio, Braim's Ultra-Capacitor, HQR-25.2F, made in Japan

Car Audio, Braim's Ultra-Capacitor, HQR-25.2F, made in Japan

Car Audio, Braim's Ultra-Capacitor, HQR-25.2F, made in Japan

Braim's Ultra Capacitor HQR-25.2F
Japanese price 200,000yen (without Tax)

Braim's Ultra Capacitor supplies an ideal electric current for a car stereo system to make them show the head unit and performance of the power amplifier.

This is the largest model 25,200,000uF in Braim's Ultra Capacitor.

Super low impedance 6,300,000uF adopted 4 parallel prolongation structures.

The inner impedance is reduced to 50% of the model 12.6uF model.
You can install this near the power amplifier or under the seat, etc.

M6 screw terminal was used for connections, and it was equipped with 2 systems of plus side and
2 systems of minus side.

A large amplifier and a large system can be adopted.

4 gages of ring terminal can be connected.
It's most suitable for a large system with more than one power amplifier.
And a metal case model is suitable for inside of your car. The protection circuit of connecting conversely is also installed, so it is considered safely.

Specification of HQR-25.2F

Super low Impedance Ultra Capacitor
Capacity of 25,200,000uF (25.2F)

4 Parallel connection of 6,300,000uF

Max voltage 20V

Built in conservation circuit

Weight 1,800g

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Car Audio Braim's Ultra Capacitor, HQ-0.3F, made in Japan

Car Audio Braim's Ultra Capacitor, HQ-0.3F, made in Japan

Car Audio Braim's Ultra Capacitor, HQ-0.3F, made in Japan

Braim's Ultra Mini Capacitor HQ-0.3F BLACK 300,000uF
Japanese price: 12,600yen(without Tax)
Import price: 6,000yen

Braim's Ultra Capacitor

Braim's Ultra Capacitor could install in the engine compartment and adopt a high-temperature resin case.

Braim's Ultra Micro Capacitor HQ-0.3F(300,000uF)
Japanese price:12,600yen(without Tax)

Import price: 6,000yen

Master Carton in amount: 10 pcs.

Master Carton Net Weight: 1.0kg

Master Carton Gross Weight: 1.8kg

The size is extraordinarily small, 4.3cm x 2.3cm x 6.3cm, and weight is only 130 grams, Braim's Ultra Micro Capacitor 300,000uF Resin case model.
It's possible to install it in the engine compartment, because high-temperature resin case is adopted.

There is a lot of request and smaller power amplifier is the 0.3F (300,000uF) model which achieved the capacity and the price most suitable for CD/navi-head unit, processor, monitor.

Because a high-temperature resin case is being used, the installation in the
engine compartment is possible as well as HQ-12.6F and HQ-1.3F model.
Connecting to a main battery terminal, a power supply can be strengthened.
The protection circuits of connecting conversely, charge indicator are also
installed, so it is considered safely.

Specification of HQ-0.3F
Super low Impedance Ultra Capacitor
Capacity of 300,000uF(0.3F)
Max voltage 16V
Built in conservation circuit
Size (W×H×D) 43mm×23mm×63mm
Weight 60g

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