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Car Wax 8500 Glass Coating for Car Body

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  • Car Wax 8500 Glass Coating for Car ...
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Post Date : September 12
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Car Wax 8500 Glass Coating for Car ...
Colorless transparent liquid
car wax
300 Piece/Pieces per Day


Coating agent for car body of the highest class.
The car is covered with a vitriform film, and the surface is protected.

With our product "8500 Glass Coating",you can make the shine like the new car last for over five years.

There are more than 50,000 results.

What is 8500 Glass coating for cars like?

It has an unique characteristic different from a general organic resin,

because siloxane bond that consists of silicon (Si) and oxygen (O) is the main backbone,

and there is organic methyl radical in side chain.

1)The surface of the car body is filmed firmly ,and so the small blemish doesn't adhere easily.

2)It is not deteriorated by ultraviolet rays, and is excellent in weather resistance.

3)NO NEED MORE WAX for 5 years!!! Coated with a glaze once you use this product.

4)It is water-repellent processed and makes the surface smooth, and as a result prevents the fur from adhering.

Directions for USE

1)Before execution of works

The fur and scale have adhered on the body,and there is no gloss on it.

*Please wash the whole body of the car in order to remove the dust.

2)Polish for preparations

First,masking tapes must be sticked in case the fur should adhered on the glass,the resin and the rubber of the car body when polished.After that,the body is polished by using Wool Buffing or Sponge Buffing,which depends on the painting itself of the car body.And then the fur and waterspots will be removed,and the surface of the car body will be like the mirror.

3)Applying this 8500 Glass Coating to the car body

Masking tapes must be come off and we get our product "MICRO FIBER CLOTH" wet,and this cloth squeezes enough.Then you can wipe away abrasive and dust adhering on the car body.After that,we soak this 8500 Glass Coating in the Special Cloth for this product(*It's better to fold this Special Cloth up six times.), and apply 8500 Glass Coating and wipe away.

4)Wipe away

Wipe away on the bonnet by using "THREE" "DRY" Micro Fiber Cloths.

First,wipe away lengthwise and breadth wise with care by using one Micro Fiber Cloth.

Second,wipe away with more care by using another one so that there will be no 8500 Glass Coating left on the bonnet.

Finally,wipe away completely by using the other one, checking the surface of the bonnet.

5)The half is finished.

After wiping away three times,you should take the visual examination, from every angle, of whether there is no 8500 Glass Coating left or not.Please wipe away again if there is some left.Dry the car body for about 2hours.And follow the process 3)~5) one more time.It's necessary to apply this 8500 Glass Coating TWICE on the car body.It takes one week that the coating on the car body will harden enough.So don't wash the car and wipe with a dry cloth during the period.

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Car Wash Coating Shampoo for Water-Repelling

Car Wash Coating Shampoo for Water-Repelling

Car Wash Coating Shampoo for Water-Repelling

You can wash your car and make your car coated at the same time.

You can produce wonderful gloss and the coating with a great water-repellent, by only washing a car in the same way of a usual car shampoo.


1)Applying this Coating Shampoo


Pour the water over the whole car body. Soak this Shampoo enough in a sponge for washing, and froth up.



Wash each part of the car body and then wash away.


3)Washing away


At first the water spread over the surface of the body (*hydrophilicity), but the water-repelling is getting stronger as you pour more water.




Drops of water run down and at the same time the wonderful gloss comes.


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Car Wax Yellow tint Remover #A for HEADLIGHT

Car Wax Yellow tint Remover #A for HEADLIGHT

Car Wax Yellow tint Remover #A for HEADLIGHT

Remove the yellow tint and blur on the headlight with #A.

Recommended to get both Yellow tint Remover #A for HEADLIGHT and Super Headlight Coating #B!!!


1)Before the operation

A part of the protecting film has peeled off, and there is blur and yellow tint on the headlight.

2)Applying #A


Soak #A in a felt-sponge and scrub a few times, and then the blur and yellow tint are removed.

3)When it's hard to remove


When it’s hard to remove, apply #A on the headlight and cover it with the watered tissue.

4)Wipe away


Wipe #A and the yellow tint away completely with the towel wrung dry.

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