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signal gun cartridges 12/70 cal.

  • 5000 Piece/Pieces
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  • Rigas Pirotehnika
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Post Date : September 16
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Rigas Pirotehnika
50000 Piece/Pieces per Month


signal gun cartridges 12/70 cal.

1.Technical data:

v colour of light - red, green, yellow, white;

v star burning time - not less then 4 seconds.;

v weight of smokeless powder in the cartridges – 1,1 g;

v distinguishing mark of signal cartridge – cap painted in colour of star.

2. Application – signal cartridge has to be applied for signalling.

3. Guaranteed period of expiry - 2 years, if stored in packing properly:

v store in a dry, cool place (0°, +20°C);

v avoid strong shakes during transportation and storage.

5. Transport data: Classification 1.4 G, UN-No.: 0312

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