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Rhea Sagoma E4-5

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Post Date : September 17
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Rhea Vendors


The Sagoma machines are all complete and in good condition.
Other pictures can be send if required.

We know have 10 Rhea Sagoma machines available on stock.

6 out of 10 are black model and the rest are white on the exterior.

They have the posibility of working with coffee grains and soluble coffee.

The machines need to be checked before being put into function but they are complete on the inside and with no demage on the outside.

Overall, you'll get a very good looking machine and with a minimum effort you can have it ready to be installed into position.

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all types of coffee vending machines

all types of coffee vending machines

all types of coffee vending machines

Instant coffee machines or espresso based ones? All vending producers in here!

Refering to this particular model from Zanussi we can only say that it's extraordinary to have such a machine in a public place or in an area of high traffic of people.

If it's well mantained and cleaned this is one of the most reliable pieces of vending machine on the market.

Based on quantity we can make a good price offer. Right know, we have around 10-11 machines in our warehouse but many more can be suplied if you are interested in.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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Instant Coffee Vending Machines

Instant Coffee Vending Machines

Instant Coffee Vending Machines

Zanussi/Necta range, Rhea Vendors range, all are available in different quantities.

Instant coffee vending machines are requested especially for their high profit margin in comparison with the espresso vending machines. We can recomend used coffee machines from Rhea Vendors (ex. Sagoma ) that works both on instant and coffee beans.

We now have available some Instant Brio 200 machines and Rhea Lioness. Both types are looking very good.

Contact us for a detailed offer.

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