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The water quality used for irrigation is essential for the yield and quantity of crops, maintenance of soil productivity, and pr

The water quality used for irrigation is essential for the yield and quantity of crops, maintenance of soil productivity, and protection of the environment. For example, the physical and mechanical properties of the soil, ex. soil structure (stability of aggregates) and permeability are very sensitive to the type of exchangeable ions present in irrigation waters.

Irrigation water sources and irrigation methods present different risks associated with pathogen contamination. Overhead sprinkling with foliar contact of the edible portions of the fruits and vegetables have different risk than those irrigating on the ground or through drip tape. Similarly, source water contamination will vary by season, from rivers, canals, ponds, reservoirs or wells, each presenting a different risk. Bio-slimes may also form in water distribution systems including irrigation pipes and sprinklers, drippers, trapping microorganisms

XzioX is now becoming one of the most economic and the most effective method to disinfect water in irrigation processes.

XzioX is effective against all forms of bacteria such as E-Coli, Pseudomonas & Legionella. This is of particular importance for water used on salad crops and similar vegetables where the product may be eaten by the consumer without prior washing. Also, certain root vegetables can be prone to severe damage by waterborne diseases such as Brown Rot. By providing suitable treatment, these diseases can be eradicated in irrigation water, allowing its safe use.


XzioX eliminates most microorganisms, including most bacteria, viruses and fungi.XzioX eliminates many costs incurred by chemicals like chlorine, i.e. dilution costs to stop explosion prior to contact with air. There are no costs associated with fire proofing facilities and special training by authorised personnel. XzioX does not require acid activators and does not produce harmful by products. Xziox does not require expensive machinery, both set-up and maintenance costs are extremely low compared to other water disinfection methods.

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Drinking Water Disinfection

Drinking Water Disinfection has been a major factor in reducing epidemics of typhoid and cholera. Disinfection is achieved by the addition of chemicals effective at controlling the pathogenic microorganisms that cause health problems in humans. Xziox Chlorine Dioxide is highly effective in controlling waterborne pathogens while minimizing halogenated disinfection by-products in drinking water. Xziox Chlorine Dioxide is a broad-spectrum micro biocide as effective as chlorine against viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and more effective than chlorine for the inactivation of the encysted parasites Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Xziox Chlorine Dioxide has also consistently been shown to be the best molecule for eradicating the causative organism of Legionnaires' disease. It also effectively removes hard water componentsi.e. iron and manganese, it promotes flocculation, and aids in the removal of turbidity. Chlorine Dioxide does not combine with organics to form suspected carcinogens such as THM's orhaloacetic acids (HAA's).

Xziox Chlorine Dioxide provides a lasting residual throughout the distribution system to reduce or eliminate the subsequent growth of bacteria, viruses, and algae and excellent for use in the treatment of industrial waters and community purification plants. It is also ideal for smaller water supplies such as cisterns and hospital water systems. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is approved and recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) as an environmentally friendly drinking water additive to replace chlorine (which is known to form carcinogenic by-products) for both the pre-treatment and finaldisinfection of potable waters.

Xziox Chlorine Dioxide is used in drinking water plants for a variety of benefits, like:

Fe and Mn removal
Primary disinfection
Taste & odor improvement
THM reduction
HAA reduction
Nitrification prevention in chloramine systems
Lower costs and better performance than permanganate
Fewer regulatory & safety concerns compared to chlorine gas

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water treatment products

water treatment products

water treatment products

suppliers of water treatment products and systems,
focusing on developing niche and environmentally friendly disinfection

Ximax is an advanced delivery system generating a chlorine dioxide solution with a purity greater than 99.99 percent. The active biocidal substance is Chlorine Dioxide (CLo2) which is 10 times more powerful than chlorine and chlorine type disinfectants. A powerful algaecide, bactericide and fungicide, Ximax is able to reduce and eliminate those harmful micro-organisms impacting to effecting water quality.

Our product is a stabilised high purity (99.99% conversion) chlorine dioxide at 0.35% in water (3500 ppm). Ximax is made from mixing two liquid reagents with water.

Ximax does not contain any by products such as Chlorites, Chlorates and Chlorides; this is due to our unique patented formulation that allows our clients to use pure CLo2 without any of the usual adverse affects associated with this kind of chemistry. Chlorine dioxide produced by the Ximax method is stable for a minimum of 30 days without a performance loss and does not require generators or expensive machinery to operate.

Ximax is the chemical of choice enjoyed by our clients across the globe, in an array of industries such as acetate production, food grade films & plastics, brewing, beverage production, poultry, agriculture and food processing. As both chlorine and chlorite are becoming unacceptable within various industries, we believe this makes Ximax a highly desirable alternative.

Ximax currently being used in vegetable and fruit washing , shelf life extension , crop irrigation , CIP ( cleaning in place) , influent , effluent ,legionella control ,odour control , food processing , Beverage- Poultry farming and processing , cooling towers , crop irrigation , food grade films and plastics , off line disinfection , shock dosing , seafood processing , vineyards , waste water ,grey water and fungicidal control

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