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D.I Grow / Power Grow

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Post Date : September 17
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Africa, America, Australia, Guam, Indonesia, India, Guam, Middle East & Philippines
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D.I Grow Organic Foliar Fertilizer
10,000 Gallon/Gallons per Month


Suitable for Fruit Bearing Trees, Rubber Tree, Palm Oil, Fruits & Vegetables, Rice, Corn, Sugar Cane, Livestock, Poultry & Fish.


Organic gardening has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With the agricultural industry having rising environmental concerns, organic gardening seems to be the preferred choice for a majority of home gardeners.

D.I Grow is a new and improved formula of liquid fertilizer, rich in macronutrients, micronutrients, humic acid and Acadian Seaweed Extract. It is environment friendly, helps the growth of various trees, vegetables, fruits and flowers while improving the quality of soil, thus increase in the quantity and quality of crop yield and it can be used for Lives Stocks, Poultry and Aqua Culture.

Organic Fertilizers
There are a wide variety of organic fertilizers available nowadays for home use. These fertilizers are classified according to the materials which are used during their processing, e.g. fish by-products, seaweed, bone, ash, blood meal etc. They are also classified according to their application method, e.g. liquid foliar spray or dry tea.

Foliar organic fertilizers seem to be highly preferred by farmers due to their benefits and convenience. Spray canisters are also typically used to the application of the fertilizer. Foliar organic fertilizers are much more simple to apply, as opposed to organic dry tea.

The Benefits of Foliar Organic Fertilizer
It is highly publicized that the benefit of foliar organic fertilizer is its capacity to promote the maximum absorption of nutrients. It is believed that foliar organic fertilizer causes an increase in the levels of sugar in plant, which then provide the soil with stimulation and activity and the plant with increased nutrient.

Calculations show that the foliar organic fertilizer application on farms or gardens causes a significant increase in the yield of plants. This fertilizer is also a means to effectively prevent the plant from diseases and fungal attacks. This is because the foliar organic fertilizer covers the parts of the plant, such as the leaves and stems, which are susceptible to pests and parasites.

Foliar Organic Fertilizer also has many other benefits. However these benefits depend on the overall success of application and the economics of nutrient supply.

The Basics in Applying Foliar Organic Fertilizer to Plants
The dilution of foliar organic fertilizer is always recommended before application. If the fertilizer is too concentrated, then it may result in crop damage and foliage burning.

It is essential that the individual ensures that the PH level of the foliar organic fertilizer spray is at a neutral range before using it. The best effects can be found by increasing the pressure of the spray, or by using a mist blower, which will allow the liquid to drift over the crop.

It is essential that foliar organic fertilizer is only used when there is little or no wind. The absorption of nutrients of foliar organic fertilizer is enhanced when the air is humid and moist, with a average temperate of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or below. This is because the plants’ main nutrient canals, the stomata, are open during low temperatures.

And last but certainly not least, for an enhanced absorption of nutrient, ensure that your foliar organic fertilizer spray reaches the undersides of the leaves of the crop, where the stomata are located.

Application of D.I Grow: (Please ask for application)
1Ltrs. of D.I Grow + 200Ltrs. of water = 1 Hectare of D.I Forliar Fertilizer.

Product Retail Price:

Php630 (1Ltrs.)
Php215 (250ml.)

Marc Lexus Machelle
Tel : (+632) 359.2723
Globe : (+63) 916.402.1981
Smart: (+63) 948.743.2600

Note: Price/s are subject to change without prior notice.

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