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ESR Fast Detector

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Post Date : September 17
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Medical Polymer Materials & Product...


The ESR Fast Detector and ESR Tubes of IMPROVE is a set of appliance that test ESR.

The ESR Fast Detector and ESR Tubes (specification 9/120) of IMPROVE is a set of appliance that test ESR. The whole name of ESR is Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. It is a non-particularity assay item. ESR examination has already had a history of more than 80 years. In more than 20 years, recommended by the health department and the China examination academic association etc., the Westergren method has become a domestic norm method to test ESR. With the recognition about life-form safe problems increasingly, the handicraft operation infected easily has been developing toward the half automation or full-automatic direction. The IMPROVE ESR Fast Dectector have a particular plastic shrapnel structure that make the ESR tubes fixed fast and simply, promise it the perpendicular degree of the level direction, and can conveniently ad just the horizon of ESR tubes samples and the zero scale of ESR Accessories. The IMPROVE ESR Fast Detector is a set alliance of half automation function to examine ESR. The IMPROVE ESR tube is a vacuum tube to adopt vein blood, having already prepared the anticoagulant, can proportion the blood and the anticoagulant 4:1 automatically. Have no process of moving the liquid in traditional examination method, avoid the blood overflowing phenomenon happen, the life-form safe problem has a reliable guarantee than before.
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