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Arabic coffee

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Arabic One of the great coffees from Ghana, this is a high-acid coffee with a rich flavor and a winy aftertaste

Probably the most recognizable and popular coffee in the world. Grown in the Ghanean regions, this coffee possesses a rich snappy acidity, rich flavor and aroma and finishes with a strong body. This is the highest grade of Columbian coffees. It has a hint of wine and a full-bodied richness.This coffee comes from the region south of San Jose known as the Tarrazzu region. It is prized for its high acidity, excellent body, and full complex flavor.It is also known as the birthplace of the original coffee bean, this coffee is famous for its chocolate and mocha profile. This rare coffee possesses a medium body, mocha earthy flavor, light acidity and capped with a wonderful smoothness. Arguably one of the best in the world.

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fine roasted and un-roasted raw organic cocoa at a moderate temperature drying

Peru has been placed as the third world producer of organic cocoa after the Dominican Republic in the year 2009. The main countries nafdack's cocoa beans are exported to are Switzerland and Belgium. The good quality of the nafdack beans and the higher prices in other producing countries have led the industry to consider nafdack's Cocoa beans (certified organic and fair trade).

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Flavor: Chocolate.

The Neuhaus Chocolate Pieces range is a comprehensive selection of our individually hand crafted Belgian chocolates. At Neuhaus our expert chocolate makers bring you quality Belgian milk chocolates, white chocolates and dark chocolates, each delicately infused with a range of tantalising and indulgent fillings.

We use selections of these fine Belgian chocolates to create our luxury chocolate gift ballotins - the traditional, layered Belgian chocolate box that Neuhaus invented.

If our ready made selections do not suit your requirements, you can make your own luxury chocolate gift selection by dropping us a line by Email or visiting our London Chocolate Café Salon, all the details can be found in our contact Us section.

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