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Post Date : September 19
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NG 7303

TYPE OF GAS:The multifunctional gas Control Valve NG7302, made by Negahban Gas Company, is designed for different kinds of gas burner, workshop heater and bakery oven. It could be used for city and liquid gases, NG & LPG, without the need to replace any parts. EASY INSTALLATION:The NG7303 has a nice geometrical shape. This feature makes installation easy with minimal pipework. QUALITY CONTROL:The NG7303 valve is a fully reliable product. It is produced under careful observation and is subjected to intensive Quality Control in different stages of manufacturing process. SAFETY:The NG7303 safety system is the most important part of valve. It is equipped with a flame failure device which automatically prevents the flow of gas in no flame condition. The accessories of main part of system include Pilot burner and Thermocouple. Users are recommended to insert a light duty filter,at inlet connection port to avoid unwanted failure operation.
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