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Mystery Water Wheel Ball Bearing Industrial Clock

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Post Date : September 19
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Item code: SGH-73
Our price: $ 2250.00
Shipping: $ 65.00

Here is the mystery Water Wheel Industrial Ball Bearing Clock comes with an 8 day movement and keeps very good time. It has a big paddle wheel on the right side which holds a set of small steel ball bearings. The weight of these balls is propelling the clock. Time shows a thin glass dial with Roman numerals. Every 60 seconds, a small ball drops down from the water wheel onto the track where the steel ball rolls to the left side. The bucket catches the ball and moves it up one by one. Every 60 seconds, a ball bearing drops from the left bucket on the channel to the waterwheel. Then the bucket drops down and goes around catching another ball bearing. The loop goes on as the clock keeps on running. The power is received from an 8 day fusee movement inside the wood base, which has beautiful Red Ash veneer. The whole animation of this clock is just like a waterwheel except it's ball bearing "flowing" through channels and there is a clock on the big water wheel. The clock is protected by a glass dome. It measure 17-3/4" tall, 17-3/4" wide, and 8-3/4" deep including the glass dome
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Junghans Style Mystery Elephant Swinging Clock

Junghans Style Mystery Elephant Swinging Clock

Junghans Style Mystery Elephant Swinging Clock

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Solid Brass casted statue with polished wood base. Hand painted 2" porcelain dial. Clock portion swings back and forth with no apparent power. Available in 4 day movement. 2 Jeweled bar on the statue which holds the clock portion. The clock portion is 9-1/2" long and 2-1/2" wide. The clock comes with minor minute adjustment, that allow you to adjust the clock to the exact time. All clock parts are made of solid brass. Most reliable mechanical swinging clock available in the market. The detail casting of Diana shows the every single detail. The size of the complete clock is 13" high and 5" wide.
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Seth Thomas Style Office Calendar# 13 Regulator Clock

Seth Thomas Style Office Calendar# 13 Regulator Clock

Seth Thomas Style Office Calendar# 13 Regulator Clock

Here is a beautiful new Seth Thomas style office regulator# 13 calendar wall clock.

Here is a beautiful new Seth Thomas style office regulator #13 calendar wall clock. The clock case is made of solid oak wood and it's really heavy. This clock is about 50 lbs, so you can tell how excellent the quality of the case is. It has elegant carvings on the case. The upper movement is single weight driven. It's made of solid brass. It has a second hand beat. This clock also comes with a marked perpetual calendar movement, which features leap years as well. The overall size of this clock is about 49" tall, 19" wide and 7" deep. It's a great size for your empty wall in the hallway or living room. The pendulum is made of brass with beautiful damascene engravings. It's deep and clear. This clock is in full working order and all functions are working properly too. This clock will be professionally packed and shipped by UPS worldwide.
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