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Genio piano silencer system

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Post Date : October 11
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Incheon South Korea


Anytime play your piano with Genio without bothering others.

The GENIO Piano Silencer system

A mute rail blocks the hammers before they strike the pianos string and 88 sensors fitted beneath your keys measure the movement of all the key. Once this movement has been measured, it is converted into a MIDI signal and you can listen your playing through headphones or amplifiers.

Just move the mute lever, activate the GENIO, plug in your headphones and you are ready to start. Activating any of the other GENIO functions is just as easy!

Digital Features

*Record your performance and monitor it yourself

*2-sets of headphones can be plugged into every GENIO.

*Enjoy various demo songs.

*Play with various musical instrument sounds

*The built -in metronome has adjustable parameter for Tempo, Beat, Rhythm and Volume.


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