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Pie Designs Series 2008-01/02 Cold Blocker (Pneumatic)

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Post Date : October 11
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Pie Designs & Solutions
Series 2008-01
South Africa


Pie Designs Series 2008-01/02 Cold Blocker (Pneumatic)

Pie Designs Series 2008-01/02 Cold Blocker (Pneumatic)

Thisrevolutionary pie blocking machine is perfect for the blocking of PieBases and Pie Lids or Tops, Tart Shells and Roti Leaves. Even for making biscuits and cookies.

No elements, no heat. We have successfully created the worlds first high production cold blocking process.

Why?Because hot blocking destroys the pastrys texture, properties andtaste, essentially killing and preventing the pastry from rising andperforming as it should, particularly with sweet and puff pastries.

Provides ever-consistent product quality and thickness.

High pie production capacity: as many as 1 028 units per hour. We have proven this high yield through thorough testing.(Naturally production is relevant to the process, and will therefore beas high as one is organized and efficient).

Our unique internal lift mechanismlifts the finished product out of the tool. This enables quickdamage-free unloading of product. This internal lift mechanism is unique to all our machines.

Another unique feature: pastry does not spillover the edges, so theres no need to trim or neaten up by hand like with conventional blockers. The entire product (including the edges andrim) is finish-formed to a consistent thickness. This featureguarantees that excess is minuscule at 5%, in comparison to 20-35%which is the case with conventional blockers. This is innovative bakeryequipment design in action.

Zero wastage pie production.

The greatest advantage is that all excess pastry can be recycledthrough the process without any negative effect. This includes puffpastry made by the Scotch method in particular, as well as all shortpastries. Effectively creating 0% wastage. No other system on earth can claim this.

Hows this for simple, yet advanced bakery equipment design?

Tough, hard-working machines.

All pneumatics in our machines are standardized to a global specification, so they are readily available.

Aswith all our products, we have gone to great lengths, taking more than two years in the creation of our blocking system in overrating,over-designing and testing it. This ensures you of solid, sound equipment that you can profit out of, without fears of equipmentfailure.

Alsounique to our blocker, all the tooling is manufactured from foodapproved materials, unlike all other blocking systems which commonlyuse cast irons and even wood, which is a health hazard.

Pie Design and Solutions blocker:

1. Works with all pastry types including puff

2. Accommodates a wide variety of shapes and sizes

3. Supports simple quick tool changing

4. Offers extremely low running costs, being fully pneumatic (air driven)

5. Is fully portable, compact and maintenance free

6. Is

7. Is simple and safe.
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Pie Designs Series 2008 Lidding Machines (Manual)

Pie Designs Series 2008 Lidding Machines (Manual)

Pie Designs Series 2008 Lidding Machines (Manual)

Pie Designs Series 2008 Lidding Machines (Manual)

Pie Designs Series 2008-01 Lidder

Aproduction capacity of over a 1 000 pies an hour! Yes, our Series2008-01 Lidder produces more than most fully automated pie lines and the cost is ridiculously low in comparison.

The Series 2008-01 Lidder ensures perfect product consistency and 100% effective sealing;

Thereare no maintenance issues and therefore no downtime. Plus you areassured of greater hygiene, and a fully portable system that takes upvery little space.

1. Works with all types of pastry

2. Trims excess pastry around the edges automatically

3. Supports pastry thickness of as little as 2,5 mm and up

4. Seals pies with 100% effectiveness irrespective of flour content

5. Reduces labour and material costs by eliminating water or egg washing of pastry surfaces to enhance sealing

6. Automatically pricks pie lids for venting, further reducing labour costs

7. Consistent product quality giving a very narrow pie edge

8. We manufacture dies/tooling to suit almost any pie foils or dishes and in any shape of fold-over type pie

9. Versatile: can make two half sized pies of the fold-over variety irrespective of die/tooling size, shape or type

10. Internal pie lift mechanism provides fast, damage-free unloading of pies


12. Dual sealed bearing and hub system provides permanent and absolute handle rigidity

13. Totally maintenance free, electricity free and fully portable.

14. Caters from the smallest to 140mm diameter pies.
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Medium volume pie production solution

Medium volume pie production solution

Medium volume pie production solution

Pie Manufacturing Solutions to suit your budget

Pie Making Solutions to Fit Everyone's Budget

In the pie manufacturing industry we have noticed the growing demand for reliable, effective & affordable manufacturing solutions. This need being particularly true for third world countries & of late with the global economic crunch that is affecting everyone, this need is now true for many around the world. The majority of pie manufacturers produce in volumes of around 100-500 pies per day & in fact collectively make up the bulk of producers in the industry, they are the driving force as it were. Sadly, many cannot realise & or sustain growth at such low volumes as a result of due to the known complexities & variables encountered in this industry. Add to this the fact that pie sales are heavily reliant on walk-in customers, this makes store location critical. Most conventional pie make up equipment requires 3-phase power which demands suitably large premises for manufacture, making the ideal premises hard to find & mostly at a high cost. We have effectively addressed this problem in our product range, by designing our equipment to be mostly electricity free, and where electricity is required it is of a standard nature. In addition, our equipment is ideally

Medium volume pie production solution

Produce between 1500 & 3000 pies per day depending on your staff compliment. We have customers in fact that reach volumes of up to 5000 pies per day with this combination. This is the perfect way to start or upgrade your existing business. Easily built on as your production needs increase & as a pie manufacturing solution is highly affordable & cannot be matched in costs vs output.

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