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injection grouting system

The reinjector employs a high-pressure injection sysytem to make sure sufficient injection
regardless of crack size. The powerful internal spring, in addition, allows for seamless repair
work by putting the remaining material(25cc)to an effective use in the secondary(low-pressu
re) injection following the first high-pressure injection.
As the reinjector is designed to perform the high-pressure injection and then fisish the
repair work with a secondary low-pressure injection, users can be relieved of the burden
of drawing back the injector each time for recharge. (The reinjector is equipped with a
vented backflow preventer at the center of the cylinder rubber packing.)
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[KITA]syringe injector capsule

[KITA]syringe injector capsule

[KITA]syringe injector capsule

injection grouting system

A syringe injector is a low-pressure injector used in repairing cracks in concrete
structures. Low-pressure injection method improves the work efficiency by
injecting epoxy resin deep into the wide areas of fine cracks all at the same
time. It also has graduations on its surface so that you can confirm the injection
amount with the unaided eye.
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[KITA]Grouting Injection Packer

[KITA]Grouting Injection Packer

[KITA]Grouting Injection Packer

injection grouting system

Injection Packer for Concrete Crack Repair, Epoxy and PU Foam resin Injection.

There are various range of products and it can be produced in customization as

customers wish.

The contra flow preventive check valve is installed in the packer, thus work is finished by snapping the nipple off after injection regardless of whether or not the resin is hardened.




10mm*60mm / 80mm / 100mm / 150mm / 200mm / 250mm / 300mm / other size

13mm*70mm / 92mm / 120mm / 150mm / other size

14mm*70mm / 92mm / 120mm / 150mm / other size

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