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ISO/TS 29001 (QMS-Oil & Gas Industry)

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ISO/TS 29001 (QMS- Oil & Gas Indust...
ISO/TS 29001


Training, Consultancy, Inspection & Pre-Audit for ISO/TS 29001 (QMS for Oil & Gas Industry) Certification.

ISO/TS 29001

ISO/TS 29001 (published in 2003) defines the quality management system requirements for the design, development, production, installation and service of products for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

Developed as a direct result of a partnership between ISO and the international oil and gas industry (led by the American Petroleum Institute - API), ISO 29001 specifically focuses on the oil and gas supply chain.

The ISO/TS 29001 standard is based on ISO 9001 and incorporates supplementary requirements emphasising defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste from service providers.

These requirements have been developed separately to ensure that they are clear and auditable. They also provide global consistency and improved assurance in the supply quality of goods and services from providers. This is particularly important when the failure of goods or services have severe ramifications for the companies and industries involved. This standard is for all organizations working within the oil and gas industry supply chain. Certification to ISO/TS 29001 ensures standardization and improvement within the sector.

Oil and gas industry players mainly manufacturers of oil industry equipment and materials, service providers (contractors, consultants etc.) and purchasers of equipment, materials and services can enhance their client’s satisfaction by applying this standard into their business model.


  • A license to trade in the oil and gas industry. For many organizations within the oil and gas supply chain, certification to this standard is necessary to secure valuable contracts and gain competitive advantage.
  • Enhanced brand reputation. Certification proves your commitment to industry best practice and enables you to stand out above the crowd.
  • Flexibility. The standard has been designed to be compatible with other existing management systems standards making integrating your systems easier.
  • Cost savings. Third-party certification to this technical standard will help to reduce multiple supplier audits and any associated costs.
  • Managed business risk. Based as it is on ISO 9001, certification also makes it easier for you to measure performance and better manage business risk.
  • Streamlined operations and reduced waste. The assessment focuses on your operating processes, which encourages you to improve the quality of your products and service and helps you to reduce waste, rejections and customer complaints.

Encourages communication. Like ISO 9001, this requirement scheme ensures that employees feel more involved through improved communication. Continued assessment visits can highlight any problems and uncover any issues that may be present.

ISO/TS 29001 is the next step in the evolution of this important sector-specific standard. Inputs from various sectors of the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas sectors were sourced and evaluated by a dedicated group of experts representing all stakeholders, including end users, manufacturers and service providers. The result of this effort has resulted in a document that addresses the unique needs of the industry and is poised to gain international acceptance as the quality management system for the industry.

ISO/TS 29001 serves as a common basis for the oil and gas industry’s quality management system requirements worldwide and helps the industry avoid multiple certification audits. This technical specification for implementing ISO 9001 quality management system is the result of collaboration between ISO and the international oil and gas industry, i.e. the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The standard includes :-
1. the reduction of risk
2. inclusion of industry specific needs
3. compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
4. increased confidence in supplier products and processes


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Information Security Management System (ISMS) - ISO 27001

Information Security Management System (ISMS) - ISO 27001

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ISO 27001 establishes guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management in an organization. The objectives outlined provide general guidance on the commonly accepted goals of information security management. ISO 27001 contains best practices of control objectives and controls in the following areas of information security management:

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ISO 13485 (QMS - Medical Devices)

ISO 13485 (QMS - Medical Devices)

ISO 13485 (QMS - Medical Devices)

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ISO 13485, published in 2003, and now fully recognized in many countries, is based on the ISO 9001 process model approach. These standards provide a good base model, recognised by the Global Harmonization Task Force (GHTF), for compliance with the European Union (EU) CE Marking medical device directives, Health Canada CMDCAS, Taiwan Medical Device Regulations, Japan JPAL and other international requirements.

Certification to ISO 13485 takes place when an accredited third party, such as ISO Certification Body, visits an organization, assesses the quality management system and, if satisfactory, issues a certificate confirming that the organization’s quality management system meets the requirements of this standard. ISO 13485 quality management systems certificate is an objective, accredited, recognized evidence of the Organisation’s commitment to quality systems and helps it demonstrate this to its customers and regulators. ISO 13485 is becoming widely accepted as the international standard to address medical device requirements around the world.

The standard can be used by manufacturers to demonstrate compliance to applicable regulatory requirements, and by other organisations whose related services support medical device manufacturers.

The aim of ISO/TS16949 is the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

TS16949 applies to the design/development, production and, when relevant, installation and servicing of automotive-related products. It is based on ISO 9001.

The requirements are intended to be applied throughout the supply chain. For the first time vehicle assembly plants will be encouraged to seek ISO/TS16949 certification.

Contact us for training and / or consultancy on :

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