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HHO Fuel Saver Gadget

  • 10 Unit/Units
  • Jakarta
  • 12 Volt
  • HHO Installation
  • Tag:HHO Fuel Saver
Post Date : October 15
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12 Volt
HHO Installation
Banten Indonesia
10000 Unit/Units per Month
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This picture is shown how to install +HHO Gas Generator with it's complete unit.

This product is the advanced technology of HHO product.

For example, differ from the other similar products, here we inject HHO output BEFORE the air-cleaner and the MAF (Lambda) Sensor, with this, for the cars with EFIE system we do not need to manipulate the O2 sensor to stop it from adding more fuel when it senses more oxygen in the exhaust. Because when we inject HHO before air filter, Hydrogen and Oxygen will be mixed perfectly in the air cleaner. So how much oxygen in it, will be detected by Lambda sensor.

The other reason why we did this is the fact that we found in our research, that if we injecting HHO after Lambda sensor, it is very risky and dangerous, because if we did so, when there's a problem with the air cleaner and no air come into lambda sensor and the hoses after it. It will cause vacuum in the hose. When it does happen, it will suck the electrolizer from tank and damage the engine.

SAFETY is our main concern, when we made this product. For this safety reason, in the activation, we don't activate the unit directly by the ignition of the car, we activate the units by vacuum in the engine (see the photo).

In this way of activation, if we ignite the car with the key, but engine doesn't run yet. The units won't be active, so the units still idle. Just when the engine is running, the vacuum will activate the electronic control to run the generator. For the car with diesel engine we switch the cable to oil switch for the same reason.

We did this, because based on our experienced, sometimes people let the ignition running, not for running the car, but just simply for listening the music in the car. The battery is active but the engine is iddle.

If we switch the activation of the units to the ignition, the situation like this will be very dangerous. Because when the ignition is active, the unit also active and automatically produce HHO but the engine doesn't use it, so unused HHO Gas will be accumulated in the engine room.

If we let the situation like this say about 30 minutes, say in case of car is in the crossing in the ferry. In this situation, a tiny spark is enough to blow the car.

Of course, we do not want to hear the things like this, happen to our cutomers.

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