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Penis erection and enlargement

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  • Penis erection and enlargement
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Penis erection and enlargement
PE Type A
D/A,T/T,Western Union
Sex Products
Penis enlargement
Penis therapy system


The simple way to increase your penis size up to 3 inches
Type A Re chargeable Battery + Adopter

The simple way to increase your penis size up to 3 inches can be achieved when you make use of our penis therapy system.

No need to purchase Battery cell again and again, Our Model Type A Enlargement and hardening device comes with Re-Chargeable battery and a 220 volt AC to 3VDC adopter.

The vacuum created by a penis pump can make the size of your penis to increase in diameter, length and girth as the case may be, the head of the penis will also become a bit bigger and the texture of your penis will be harder.

For more information visit or contact us: 0331-2829857

Price in PKR: 5500/= with Free Delivery any where in Pakistan via Courier.

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Breast Enhancement system

Breast Enhancement system

Breast Enhancement system

Non surgical alternative for Breast enlargement and shaping,

Breast Enhancement system

Clinically proven, non surgical alternative for Breast enlargement and shaping, effectively and manually.

The system is safe., effective and painless.

Our breast enhancement equipment is totally harm less and approved from FDA ,USA made in Pakistan, this system works for:
1- Sagging or shrinking of breast with age.
2- Loosening of Breast after pregnancy and feeding the child.
3- Weakness of mammary glands.
4- Very little or almost no development of Breasts due to lesser production of female
hormones at puberty.
5- For the treatment of the Breasts area and flabby breasts.
6- Depressed Nipples.
7- Female frigidity.
8- For beautifying yourself and becoming more attractive.
9- Lifting up and tightening the breast line.
If all these qualities of our products can help to solve your issue please purchase it.
For more information visit our official web

complete one set including 3 sizes of cups printed instruction manual and a nice carrying beg.

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Sexual Impotency & enlargement Aid

Sexual Impotency & enlargement Aid

Sexual Impotency & enlargement Aid

Before you take any prescription medications or natural supplements and aphrodisiacs for erection problems try our product.

Sexual Impotency Treatment Aid

Impotency signifies a permanent condition of inability to effect sexual intercourse successfully. It is the worst calamity one can encounter in life which takes away the pleasure and bliss of youth. It is very humiliating for a person to find himself ineffective while performing coitus, since on the other part the female partner expects the male partner to give her immense sexual pleasure and gratification during the course of sexual union. Real bliss of married life lies in the sexual harmony of the couple. Thus a woman can never love an impotent. The impotent person is not regarded at all by women even though he is rich, handsome and affluent in wealth. Only because of this factor, in many instances, young and rich women of high families are heard of having eloped with or been seduced by their menials without caring their husbands. They reject their impotent husbands and enter into illicit relationship with someone else. A woman is happier and more contented with a poor man who is potent and virile than a man devoid of sexual power. The impotency of a person also brings disharmony in domestic life. Occasionally it frustrates people to commit suicide or makes insane too.

Therefore prior to marriage, young persons should consult a qualified doctor to check about his sexual problems and potency. Unless and until he is perfectly healthy in his sexual performance, he should shelve the idea of getting married till he is medically and sexually fit to satisfy his wife fully to her gratification.

There are also several factors responsible for impotency, such as :

1. Complication of diabetes mellitus.
2. Psychological disturbances e. g. anxieties, worries, fears, etc.
3. Debilitating illnesses e. g. pernicious anæmia, leukæmia, etc.
4. Bad effects of alcoholism, drugs and tobacco.
5. Masturbation and artificial sexual devices.
6. Long continued celibacy.
7. Venereal diseases e. g. syphilis and gonorrhœa.
8. Sexual excesses.
9. Neurological condition e. g. peripheral neuritis, spina bifida, tabes dorsalis, etc.
10. Deficient secretion of testosterone.
11. Repeated radiation through X-ray, cobalt, chemotherapy, etc.
12. Vitamin deficiency.
13. Tumour of the brain, spinal cord and testes.
14. Congenital malformation of the lower portion of spinal cord.
15. Pelvic inflammatory diseases.
16. Vertebral and spinal injury.
17. Obesity.
18. Coitus interruptus.
19. Suppression of sexual desire.
20. Early marriage (Before the age of twenty). Smaller the age, the more unripe the system is.

21. To cohabit with a woman who is much older or of very small age. (Thus a man should marry a girl about six to nine years younger than him. Regarding girls, they should get married only after she has experienced 36 menstrual periods, as advised in the Vedas).

22. Exercising a sexual intercourse in distorted positions.
23. Intercourse just after a full meal or when extremely hungry or when very much tired.
24. Intercourse when one is afflicted with grief and anxiety.
25. Washing of the male organ with cold water just after coition.

NOTE : This artical is the part of the artical written by Dr. Sayeed Ahmad D. I. Hom. (London)

Any information given in this article is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a qualified Doctor.

Remember our all products are Safe, and many famos Doctors advice to use our systems to improve sexual potency and ED sues. Any one can also just use to get more enjoyment.

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