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  • 99.5
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Post Date : October 18
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Bag, Bottle, Box, Bulk, Can (Tinned)...
Refined Salt
Sea Salt


Our company produce many kinds of salt, which can be used for many usages. We use bags, cans, bottles, barrels to pack salt.

Leading sea salt manufacturer in Shandong Province in China.

Main profucts and annual productivity:

crude salt 400000 tons, vaccum refined sea salt and refined-crashed salt 300000 tons, other kinds of salt 400000 tons, such as washed-crashed salt, pickling salt, snow-flakes salt, water-purifed salt and others.

If you are interested in our products, please send us a message and tell us your detailed requests, such as quantity,packing, palletized or not, payment term, shipping schedule and other aspects you think is necessary.

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refined Salt

refined Salt

refined Salt

Our company produce many kinds of salt, which can be used for many usages.

Refined salt Specification:

NaCl :99.5%min;

Moisture: 0.15%max;
Grain size:0.15-0.85mm 90%min;

Whiteness: 85;

Water soluble impurity: 0.02%max;

Wter insoluble matter:0.02%max.

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Sea salt

Our company, Shandong Caiyangzi Saltworks, is a leading sea salt manufacturer in China. There are several kinds of salt, such as vaccum refined sea salt, refined-crashing salt, washing-crashing salt, monosodium glutamate salt, special selected salt and other salts.

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