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DC-AC Power Inverter

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DC/AC Inverters
Hong Kong


The DC-AC Inverter is an electrical appliance that converts the battery power (or other DC power sou

The DC-AC Inverter is an electrical appliance that converts the battery power (or other DC power sources) to AC power source by applying a high frequency switching alteration technique. 
This AC current is suitable for the majority indoor AC appliances, such as electrical lights / lamps, audio and video units, computer, fax machine, printer, monitor, TV and electrical fan, etc.
This product is great for outdoor activities, such as camping, boating, caravaning and mobile homes. 
The DC-AC power inverter is designed with state-of-the-art technology and safety features in mind, which include universal protection, automatic operation and soft-start functions. 
Coupled with compact and durable design, it certainly is your optimum choice for portable AC power soure. 
Protection: Short-circuit protection, overload, thermal alert, battery low and high voltage. 
Short Circuit: The unit will shut down and resume operation only after circuit connection is correct. 
Overload: The unit will shut down and provide alarm when the output load is over 110% -120% . 
Thermal: When temperature of the cabinet is over 75 degree C, the unit will provide alarm. 
We carry a wide range of DC-AC Power Inverters with different output voltage and capacity (Watt) to choose from. The pictures show above has the following specifications. 
Input: DC V.: 12V, Output: AC V.: 230V, Continous Power: 3000W, Peak Power: 6000VA, Frequency: 50Hz, Unit Size: 14*20. 8*38cm, Waveform: Modified Sine wave, Optimum Efficiency: 85% -90% 
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Allen Bradley Pac & PLC

Allen Bradley Pac & PLC

Allen Bradley Pac & PLC

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We can offer attractive prices for Allen Bradley full range of products, including PLC, PAC, Motion Controllers and etc.
Programmable Controllers
Solutions that Set the Industry Standard
Allen-Bradley control solutions set the standard---from the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) invented nearly 30 years ago to the more recent technology embodied in the rugged, scalable, highly-functional Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) . The reason? You move forward with our control solutions while protecting the control investment you made in the past. We offer multiple types of controllers to fit your specific needs: 
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ControlLogix controllers can monitor and control I/ O across the ControlLogix backplane, as well as over I/ O links. Controllogix controllers can communicate with computers or other processors across RS-232-C (DF1 / DH-485 protocol) , DeviceNet, DH + , ControlNet, and EtherNet / IP networks. To provide communication for a ControlLogix controller, install the appropriate communication interface module into the chassis. 
The multitasking operating system supports 32 configurable tasks that can be prioritized. One task can be continuous. The others must be periodic or event tasks. Each task can have as many as 100 programs, each with its own local data and logic, allowing virtual machines to operate independently within the same controller. 
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Dynisco Process Components & Instrument

Dynisco Process Components & Instrument

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