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Home Wind Generator 1kw

Post Date : October 19
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Wind Power Generator
800 Set/Sets per Year


We supplier wind generator from 300w to 20kw

Numbers of blade: 3
Materials of blade: FRP
Diameter of wind turbines (m): 2.7
Start-up Wind Speed (m/s): 2
Cut-in Wind Speed (m/s): 3
Rated Wind Speed (m/s): 8
Rated speed (rotate/minute): 400
Max. wind speed (m/s): 50
Generator: Permanent magnetic generator
Generator rated power (W): 1000
Max. output power (W): 1300
Output voltage (V DC): 48
Rated current (A): 19.5
Protect: Auto Furl
Altitude of tower (m): 9
Weight (kg): 180
Temperature Range: -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)
Battery: 12V 200AH X4

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KAMADA hybrid street lighting system has already installed in our city and export some countries,it is more and more popular in the future.Street and road lights are essential to the general public not only as a means for night illumination but also a form of security and urban beautification. However, street lights consume much power especially along long highways.In addition,due to the need to transfer low voltage power over long distances, much of it is dissipated in the transmission lines.This is a reason why some suburban areas may be without street lights.

Our new wind-solar hybrid street lighting unit is an ideal solution that is self sustainable and saves electrical power, with a good return on investment for many cities. It is designed and tested using advance computer-aided techniques, its rotor blades are aerodynamically engineered to give maximum energy coefficient and the turbine a low cut-in speed.

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Detailed Product Description
1) A solar torch for home/road/boat emergency light
2) A solar torch and compass for hunters, hikers and campers
3) A solar torch for military, police and emergency operations
4) A solar torch for utility maintenance and chart reading Specifications:

Product Feature:

1) 0.3W solar panel
2) 5pcs super bright white LEDs for focused light beam
3) 6-8 hours under sunlight for fully charging 2 batteries inside
4) Fully charged by sunlight, it can provide 4-5 hours continuous illumination
5) 2pcs 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries included Features:
1) 5 super bright LEDs
2) No bulb to burn out (LED life: 100,000h)
3) An alternative lighting source for areas short of electricity
4) Elegant and extremely portable Inner packing.

Select black, blue, red, yellow, green, pink, etc

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