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Swr / WATT Meter, Power Meter

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Post Date : October 19
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400 Set/Sets per Month


Radio Communication Equipment, SWR / Power Meter

Frequency Range 1.6 - 60 MHz
Power Range 0 - 1KW
Power Scale 20/200/2KW
Maximum Power 2KW
Accuracy LOW Range (AVG) +/- 10%, (PEP) +/- 15%
Accuracy HIGH (2) Range (AVG) +/- 5%, (PEP) +/- 10%
Minimum Power for SWR 1-3W (varied by model)
Input/Output Connectors M type
Weight (Net) 780 g
Insertion Loss Less than 0.1 dB
Testing Function Fwd/Rev Power, PEP, SWR
Input/Output Impedance 50 OHM
Dimension (W/H/D) mm 140 x 84 x 122
Accessories Operation Manual, 13.8 DC Wire

This SWR & POWER meter is a highly accurate RF meter for measuring Forward Power, Reversed Power
,and VSWR by using cross-needle analog meter.

Main Features:
1. Large meter display for ease of reading.
2. Forward RF power readings (switchable to indicate either average power or Peak Envelope Power [PEP],
for SSB and AM transmitters).
3. Reversed RF power readings, VSWR rations, LED backlight illuminated meter, ease of operation

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Swr / WATT Meter

Swr / WATT Meter

Swr / WATT Meter

Radio Communication Equipment, SWR / Power / Modulation Meter

Model TM-3000
Frequency Range 1.6 - 60 MHz
Power Range 0W - 3KW
Power Scale 10W/30W/300W/3KW
Maximum Power 3KW
AM Modulation MAX 100%
Accuracy 10W Range (AVG) +/- 10%
100W - 1KW Range (AVG) +/- 5%
SWR Measurement Minimum 1W
Testing Function POWER, SWR, MOD.
Input/Output Impedance 50 OHM
Input/Output Connectors M type (SO-239)
Dimension (W/H/D) mm 190x85x135 (w/o holder)
Weight (Net) 800g (w/o holder)
Accessories Operation Manual

TM-3000 is a compact test meter to indicate the condition of 1.6-60 MHz
(TM-2000 : 10M, 11M bands) antenna system and transmitter with an impedance of
50 ohm. With TM-3000 you can measure SWR, relative output power of the
transmitter and AM modulation.

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Swr / WATT Meter

Swr / WATT Meter

Swr / WATT Meter

Radio Communication Equipment, SWR / WATT Meter

Frequency range 26-30MHz
Measurable power range 0 - 1000W
Power range 10W, 100W, 1000W
Max. Power 1000W
Accuracy 10W range (AVG) +/- 10%
Accuracy 100/1000W range (AVG) +/- 5%
Min. Power for SW 3W
Insertion loss 0.3 dB or lower
Testing functions Forward, SWR
Impedance 50 ohm
Dimension 70W x 78H x 30D mm
Weight 175 g
Connector SO-239

RS-27 SWR&POWER meter can read out directly without any
calibration. RS-27's maximum measurable power range up to 1000W. Low insertion
loss structure allows it to be connected permanently.

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