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Sugarcane Juice Extractor,Floor(WY-807)

Post Date : October 20
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
Silver white
Stainless steel
Juice Extractor
50000 Unit/Units per Month


Sugarcane Juice Extractor,Floor(WY-807)
1.All stainless body;
2.304 stainless tumbling box.

Sugarcane Juice Extractor,Floor(WY-807)


1.All stainless steel body;

2.Prevent rust, keep fresh health sugar cane juice;

3.304 stainless tumbling box;

4.750W big power motor to afford the energy;

5.Use YOKKC of corea reduction box,low voice ang slight


6.Roller adopts stainless steel material processing , helicopter components are through strict rust protection, sugarcane juice accord with international health standard;

7..Professional enclosed box to be more clean,no draff leakage;

8.The wheels design, move convenient .


Power supply:220V/50HZ



Net weight:63.5kg


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Fishball Barbecue Oven-2,Electric(ED-82)

Fishball Barbecue Oven-2,Electric(ED-82)

Fishball Barbecue Oven-2,Electric(ED-82)

Fishball Barbecue Oven(ED-82)
1.High quality thermostat and heat system;
2.The edible non-stick coating.

Fishball Barbecue Oven-2,Electric(ED-82)



1.All stainless steel;

2.Luxurious appearance design, safe and reasonable structure;

3.The fish board edible non-stick coating to be hygeian;

4.High quality thermostat and heat system;

5.Thick and cover plate design ,the use permanent no deformation;

6.Quick heating, heated evenly;

7.Set the thermal insulation layer , improve efficiency safely.


Power supply:220V/50HZ



Net weight:18kg

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Luxury Warming Showcase(red,two-ply)

Luxury Warming Showcase(red,two-ply)

Luxury Warming Showcase(red,two-ply)

Luxury Warming Showcase(red,twop-ly)BV-808B
size of packaging:74*54*72cm
20feet:97units about
40feet:198units about

product introduction

Luxury Warming Showcase(red,twop-ly) BV-808B

1.Light and heat insulation energy-saving, double insulation system,

adjustable temperature control.

2. the luxury warming showcase design, make food heated efficiently,

long time evenly heat food to keep fresh taste delicious food, transparent

glass, let food display fully.

3. high-grade shap, luxury and beauty, saving design, the price is cheap,

the most suitable for medium and small snack and cakes bakery.

Especially in the rapid flow shop, for example,the flowing food can be warmed

beef hamburger, other baking bread and cakes, charter Fried chicken , hot dog

Thousand layer pie, meat buns, pumpkin pie, packaged popcorn, such wafers,

heat preservation, the stranger. Chinese hamburger,think pancake,popcorn

4.modern design,with the luxury and beauty model.selet the whole side tempered


Luxury Warming Showcase(red,twop-ly) BV-808B


power supply:220v



machine size:66*48*60cmmm

machine net weight:17kg

Gross weight:25kg

Luxury Warming Showcase(red,twop-ly) BV-808B

operatin step:

1.There are infrared heating tubes on the bot tom. There ate lamps on the

upper layer and thewall. It is keeping the food warm and stronger the

showing effect .

2.Put the dish with food in the showcase , connect the power supply, rot at e

the heat ing swi tch, t he heating tube begin working and the food is heat ed

and kept temperature at the setting f igure .

3.The user can open or close the lamp or heating swit ch according to you r

si tuation .


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