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Ultrasonic Water Meters Flomic Fl 102X

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Battery-powered ultrasonic water meters of the type series FLOMIC FL 102X (FL 1024-compact version, FL 1025-remote version)

Based on requirements of water works companies who consider decreasingwater losses in their distribution systems one of the main economicindicators and concerns, ELIS PLZE a.s. developed (in 2003) ultrasonic water meters of the FLOMIC type series facilitating measurements of not only water consumption but also instantaneous flow rate and waterpressure. These three parameters are used to monitor and evaluate theconditions of the water supply networks and identify any water leaks.
The FLOMIC water meters had been designed using the state-of-the-artultrasonic technology including battery-powered hardware. The meter power requirements are so low that an internal Li-battery ensuresuninterrupted meter operation over the period of 6 to 8 years with theflow-rate measurements taken every second. This feature makes possibletracing of very fast flow rate changes under guaranteed excellentdynamic properties of the meters installed in the water distributionnetwork.
Battery-powered ultrasonic water meters of the type series FLOMIC FL 102X (FL 1024 - compact version, FL 1025 -remote version) are intended for industrial and commercial applications in water supply systems where they provide for measurement of instantaneous flow rate, pressure and consumption of water, as well as storage of the measured data. The meters utilize the principle of different propagation speeds of ultrasonic signals if directed in and against the direction of water flow. Ultrasonic flow meters are noted for high accuracy and long-term parameter stability over a wide range of measured flow values. The FLOMIC water meters do not need any external power source, no mowing parts and, compared to conventional meters, significantly lower hydraulic losses.
The electronic accessories of the water meters make possible measurement and display of instantaneous flow rate, pressure and total volume of water passed through the meter since it was reset last time; the flow data measured at pre-set intervals can also be stored and communicated via optical interface to a portable PC where they can be retrieved. The FLOMIC water meters also include pulse and current (4 to 20 mA) outputs.
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Induction Flow Meters Flonet Fn 20xx

Induction Flow Meters Flonet Fn 20xx

Induction Flow Meters Flonet Fn 20xx

Induction flow meters type series FLONET FN 20XX

Induction flow meters are intended for industrial measurements of electrically conductive liquids in different fields of industry. Induction flow meters meet most demanding requirements on accuracy, reliability and long-term stability of measurements. Liquid flow rate measurements in both directions of flow are possible. The liquid flow is measured in a contactless manner; the flow meter has no moving mechanical parts and the hydrodynamic conditions at the measurement location in the pipe are absolutely unaffected. Main advantages:
  • high accuracy of measurement in wide range of measured values
  • high reliability, minimum requirements on maintanance
  • low hydraulic losses are unaffected
  • possibility of using in water, energy, food or chemical industry
  • possibility of transfering dates to control system in long distance

Induction flow meters of the FLONET FN 20XX type series are intended for professional application and measurement of flow rates of electrically-conductive liquids in water and heat-supply systems, food-processing and chemical industries. They meet the most demanding requirements on high measurement accuracy, long-term stability and hygienic standard.

The converter provides for sensor energizing and processing of the sensor signals, and also offers functions of liquid batching control, detection of empty piping, internal meter status diagnostics, automatic counter cleaning and selection of flow units in data visualization. The flow meters have frequency, pulse and current outputs, as well as interfaces to the RS 232 and RS 485 communication lines.

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