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Auto seam welder

  • 1 Set/Sets
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  • Bosj
  • Jiangsu China (Mainland)
  • 10 Set/Sets per Month
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Post Date : October 21
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Jiangsu China (Mainland)
10 Set/Sets per Month


we can offer Auto seam welder

Automatic Seam Welder is a new product designed for Pipe Industries. This new design represents an important development in the structure associated with the original semi-automatic seam welder, which provides different diameter changes, ensures weld seam quality, enhances excellent performance of automatic seam welders and asks for easy maintenance. The welder employs advanced microprocessor control systems to guarantee its high quality and make application convenient, aiming at producing special tube manufacturing machinery qualified for Chinas marketing.

About Main Benefits

1. A wide variety of applications: This machine can be used for producing pipes with a diameter ranging from Φ100mm toΦ1500mm. It can be widely used in a large number of fields, including household electronic apparatus, light industry and chemical industry.

2. Higher productivity: The machine is a modified product of the traditional semi-automatic seam welder to speed the delivery rate and ensure higher productivity.

3. High standards of weld quality: The automatic seam welder adopts single-wire and double-wire running techniques to protect welding electrodes from being polluted so as to ensure high standard of welding and nice outlook.

4. Logical system structure and convenient maintenance : The machine is designed to enable the working process to be simple and productive. It applies the component design in its welding electrodes and operation to make installing, adjusting and maintenance convenient as well as greatly lowers the failure rate.

5. Easy changeover of pipes: The automatic seam welder has the ability to rapidly change from one part size to another, which meets the needs of different length, diameter and thickness changes. This advantage of the machinery makes the system an ideal choice for industries, where Just-in-time manufacturing methods are employed, and it is also suitable for those manufacturing pipes in small mass.

6. High maneuverability: The seam welder is designed with safety in mind and following a short period of training can normally be operated by semi-skilled personnel.

Unit performance:

1, Diameter Range:100-1500mm

2, Length Range: 50- 1000mm (Depending on the cylinders diameter)

3, Sheet Thickness:0.41.2mm

4, Welding Speed: 412 m/ min Power:55KVA

5, Voltage: 3×380V/ 50HZ Fuse: 3×120A

6, Compressed Air: 0.6 MPa ( Cleaning, drying)

7, Diameter of Copper Wire: Φ1.8mm Gross Weight: 1150 kg

Equipment Characteristics

1. Standard component, compact design.

2. Equipped with transducer timing drive.

3. The seaming speed and space between can be set up on the panel.

4. PLC Control System.

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Shelf roll forming machine

Shelf roll forming machine

Shelf roll forming machine

Shelf roll forming machine
1.Production speed: 8-15m/min
2.thickness : 1-2.5mm.
3. power: 21.5kw
4.Forming station: 18

Shelf roll forming machine

Forming processing

Auto de-coiler ---- guider ---- lever, feeding ---- continuous bottom hole punching ---- forming ---- positioning and cutting ---- collection table

Equipment structure

The equipment is consisted with auto-de-coiler, guide frame, lever/feeding section, continuous bottom hole punching section, forming section, positioning and cutting section, collection table and electrical control system etc.

Shelf forming machine is Jiangyin Bosj Technology Co.,Ltd. According to market demand by the collection year production cold rolling equipment experience independently designs a series or products.
Product: Shelf column, Shelf crossbeam, Shelf stay rod, Shelf plywood etc.

Equipement capacity:

1, Equipment prodcution capacity: width≤400mm, thickness of steel material: 1-2.5mm

2, Production speed: 8-15m/min

3, Total power: about 21.5kw

Main parts technical parameters

1, Auto-de-coiler

1.1 Inner expansion type, max. loading 5 tons

1.2 Coiler inner diameter: 510mm, outer diameter: 1200mm

1.3 Speed is controlled by electrical conduction.

2 Lever and feeding section

2.1 Correction roller: up 4sets / down 5 sets

2.2 Lever range : max. width 400mm, max. thickness 12.5mm

2.3 Feeder is high speed roller type feeding.

3 Bottom hole punching section

3.1 Punching press: JE21-80

3.2 Mould material Cr12

4 Main forming machine

4.1 Forming station: 18 stations

4. 2Max. raw material feeding width : 400mm

4.3 Shaft diameter: ¢70mm, material: 40 Cr

4.4 Material of roller: GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness HR C56-62º

4.5 Motor power: 30kw motor, ZQ500 reducer.

5 Cutting device

5.1 Hydraulic cutting blade

5.2 Hydraulic station: 4kw

5.3 Material of blade : Cr12, quench treatment

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C&Z shape purling exchange roll forming machine

C&Z shape purling exchange roll forming machine

C&Z shape purling exchange roll forming machine

The semi-automatic C/Z purlin machine
1.speed: 20m/min
2.range: 45~500mm
3. thickness:0~~6mm
4.Forming station: 17 sets

C&Z shape purlin exchange roll forming machine

1)General description

The semi-automatic C/Z purlin machine uses one equipment to be possible to produce the C/Z purlin through the manual simple stepless regulation different kinds of size, when the size change does not need to replace the forming roller. The production process selects the automatic control method, may according to parameters input purlin length, longitudinal pitch of holes, quantity and so on to carry on the automatic punch holes, the cutting and roll forming.

The C/Z purlin machine consists with the guider, leveler, 2 hydraulic hole punch device, the hydraulic cutting device, fast roller exchange forming machine, the electric controlled system and hydraulic system etc.

The main drive of the whole line uses a reducer with the frequency conversion to control, the speed control, length setting and the localization control are accurate and reliable.

The complete machine contour artistic, production efficiency high, ( the forming speed can reach 20m/min)

2)Main parameter:

1, C/Z purlin size specification:

2, Material thickness: Q235 1.53mm

3, Distance of punching hole side-to-side adjustment range: 45~500mm

4, Length: >3m

5, Max. forming speed: 20m/min

6, Total motor power about: 20KW

7, Forming station: 17 sets

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