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metal candle molds

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Post Date : October 27
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The metal candle moulds have longer service time than plastic. It also has more accurate size for machined parts.

Metal candle moulds:

We offer wide range of metal candle moulds in various shapes.

You will find the DIY funny with such novelty candle moulds.

If you want other shapes of moulds,please offer me your candle

sample we will do the molds for you.

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wax pouring candle making machine

wax pouring candle making machine

wax pouring candle making machine

The wax pouring candle making machine is the simple unit to make candle in various regular shapes.

Wax pouring candle making machine

The candle has various shapes and application. The most popular candle making machine is the wax pouring type.

The candle production process is the following:

1. Melting the paraffin wax or other wax into liquid, usually adding some addictives to improve the whiteness, add color,

or add fragrance or highten the melting point

2. Insert the candle wick into the candle making machine molds center.

3.Pouring the liquid wax onto the candle making machine, there are many same candle molds on the machine,

the molds are welded into the wax pool on the machine top until all the moulds are filled with wax completely.

4. After the wax cooled and become solid completely, cut off all the wax and wicks in the wax pool on the candle molds.

5. Extrue out canldes from the machine and cut off the wicks, the candles are made ready!

The candle making processs is simple. Different shape candle need different molds.

However the molds on the machine is not changable easily. They are fixed on the machine.

Each machine has one size candle molds.

If you need to make different size candle, you need to have different candle making machine.

The machine can make many types of regular shape candle.

When you order the machine,please offer us the candle size or candle sample first,

We will make the custom machine for your specific candle requirement.

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candle mold

candle mold

candle mold

This aluminum candle molds are specially made for candle molding production,simple and durable

This aluminum candle molds are specially made for candle production.

The operation is very simple, the conventional candle molds are the best!

The aluminum candle molds usually can make the pillar, taper or other similar shaped candle.

We can design the molds specially according to your specific requirement.

Each aluminum can use more than 3 years!

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