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Applicable to medium feed factory, food, building material, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide industries. Large area of the sc

water drop pulverizer

1: grinding room for true drop-type, a unique way into the wind, avoid the crush in the process of circulation phenomena; crushing chamber set at the bottom "U"-type secondary combat tank, substantially increasing production; fast Kai-operated fully open door elastic pressure screening agencies to facilitate maintenance and replacement of sieve;
2: The import "NSK" bearings, to ensure the service life; nylon rod type coupling direct drive, large displacement compensation, effectively avoid the phenomenon of bearing heat
3: Rotor Balancing by the precise calibration, to ensure smoother operation, lower noise, better performance;
4: I feed the mill at the top, can match the various forms of feeding agencies.
5: through regulation, can achieve coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, done with one machine.
6: suitable for high-grade animal feed, aquaculture feed, and the alcohol plant, citric acid factory.

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Dry mortar Production equipment

Dry mortar Production equipment

Dry mortar Production equipment

Dry mortar equipment
Can produce used in construction, the building decoration, the external walls; and stone plate

Dry mortar equipment

Dry mortar, can be divided into mortar cement mortar and special purpose. So-called powder materials (or dry mortar) by means of cement, sand or certain quartz, thin mineral admixture, various chemical additives to dry mixing proportion mixture of product, bags sold. In the construction site using water mixing bags. Its advantage is: factory production, the measurement precision, stability and good quality products, environmental protection.
Powder materials classification:
1, dry mortar
Including plastering mortar bonding mortar, and finishes mortar. This kind of mortar in large quantities, low price, full of industry after big influence, but the main economic reason is difficult away. Therefore we have developed a special bonding mortar admixture (building) and special additive plastering mortar, plastering (music) reduced the cost, and greatly improved the quality of construction.
2 and special purpose powder materials
This kind of product variety and high value and profit, at present is the research, development and production of hot. Our research and development of special purpose powder materials species are:
1 ZK exterior insulation binder, cover face, crack, such as putty,
2 ZK ceramic tile adhesive,
3 ZK water resistant putty,
4 ZK self-leveling cement mortar,
5 ZK high-strength non-shrink grouting materials,
6 ZK rigid inorganic waterproof coating (anti-seepage),
7 the inorganic plugging materials (ZK rigid plugging spirit),
ZK structure repairing material).
These products have different degrees of market, has achieved good economic benefit. Wide prospect of market

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FULE Dry mortar mixer

FULE Dry mortar mixer

FULE Dry mortar mixer

Dry mortar mixer
High output, high economic efficiency, low cost, small area.

Dry mortar mixer

Equipment mainly consists of hoisting system, the mixing machine system and system, packaging system, dedusting system etc.
Mixing system can complete without gravity six-fatigue blades mixer or efficient double powerful mixer, mixed with fast speed, high precision of mixed, single net capacity 0.5-10 cubic, mixed according to the different application blast by ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel or wear-resisting. Mixing time for 60 ~ 120 seconds, can stir even higher in 1, the ultimate mixing ratio. In a mixing blades, the reasonable speed to promote polystyrene particles, gelled material and chemical additive, particle size differences in the moment of the materials, mixing tube in weightlessness, omni-directional convection, diffusion inside and shear, rapid gently reach mixing effect, won't produce segregation and destruction of the original material, to ensure the mortar insulation quotiety of raw materials for heat damage decreased, while the shape that heat preservation effect.
Using intelligent control system can automatically control or manual control, with the processing, automatic fall correction, faults diagnosis, and alarm function. Using the computer control of the control system, improve the reliability and safety equipment operation data can be stored and can be used at any time, can store formula, more than 1,000 above show where users and supervision inspection.
Production line with multiple filters, to ensure that equipment to minimize dust pollution. According to customer needs and wet sand drying system can be complete and sift subsystem. The equipment adopts the ingredients of the weighing system, automatic control and manual feeding to combine the mixture proportion of tiny additive manually feed, formula and meet varieties change flexible production of dry mortar.
Applicable scope:
We provide users with the dry mortar equipment can produce the following all or part of a product:
Bonding mortar: such as ceramic tile adhesive, adhesives, insulation composite system; the special bonding mortar etc.
Plastering mortar: such as external render plastering, be bored with child, chromatic adornment mortar, heat insulation mortar, etc.
The bonding mortar: such as ordinary bonding mortar and concrete block special thin bed mortar, heat preservation, bonding mortar etc.
Floor: if the common ground mortar cement mortar, self-leveling mortar, etc.
Special: if the repair mortar cement mortar, waterproof mortar, hardening powder etc.

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