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razor ribbon

Post Date : November 03
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Fujian China (Mainland)
steel sheet and wire
Cross Razor
200 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Barbed Wire Strand


Razor ribbon is the modern version of barbed wire,Razor ribbon is made from high tensile wire.razor ribbon as fence ribbon

razor ribbon

brand: DIAMOND

Razor ribbon (also known as barbed tape) is the modern version of barbed wire, designed to prevent intrusion along perimeter barriers. Razor ribbon is fabricated from high tensile wire (virtually impossible to cut with standard tools) onto which a multitude of razor-sharp barbs are formed at close intervals. The barbs are designed to have a piercing and gripping action. The wire and strip are galvanised to prevent corrosion.

Razor ribbon made in hot dipped galvanized sheet is economic cost compared with stainless steel razor ribbon. It has bright and beautiful blade of various types, offers good corrosion resistance. Galvanized razor ribbon can be supplied in straight line razor wire, single coils razor wire or crossed concertina razor coils. It is mainly used for no climb wall toppings.

Blade types for razor ribbon: BT-10, BT-12, BT-18, BT-22, BT-28, BT-30, BT-60, BT-65, etc.

for more dtails of razor ribbon, please contact me.
Razor Barbed Wire
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ribbon wire fences

ribbon wire fences

ribbon wire fences

ribbon wire fences is the modern version of ribbon wire and fence.ribbon wire fences usually can be security fences.

rabbi on wire fences

brand: DIAMOND

ribbon wire fences also named flat wrap razor wire. it is made of razor wre in flat type.

BTO 22, BTO 12, BTO30

height: 500mm

length: 10m, 12.5m, 15m

if you want to know more details, please contact me sales3 at wire netting dot cn

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Razor Wire Fencing

Razor Wire Fencing

Razor Wire Fencing

Razor Wire Fencing
1.Concertina razor wire
2.Security fencing
3.Various size

Razor Wire Fencing

brand: DIAMOND

1) Fence Part
chain link fence
wire diameter: 3.5mm
mesh opening: 2"
Razor Ribbon Prison Fence

2) Post Part
line post: 75mm diameter 3mm thickness
pull post: 114mm diameter 4mm thick ness
corner post: 114mm diameter 4mm thickness

3) Concertina Razor Wire part
on the top of chian link fence: BTO 22 450mm coil diameter
on the ground: 900mm coil diameter, 700mm colil diameter, 500mm coil diameter
concertina wire fence

4) Tension strecher/Flat bar

5) Extension Arm
45 degree, 45cm height, double or single

6) Barbed Wire
6 lines supported by extension arm, BWG 12*14


7) Accessories
Tension band, brace band, tie wire, tension wire, bolts and nuts
For more details and latest price, just inquire now!
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