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Chinese Sage Root Extract

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Ginseng Extract
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Chinese Sage Root Extract,Joryherb LTD supply free sample for testing

Red sage root Extract.10:1.Dan Shen.
........Botanical Source:Radix Salvia miltiorrhiza; Salvia miltiorrhiza B. (Salvia miltiorrhiza BUNGE,Labiatae,Tanshen
........Common Names&Synonyms:Red-Rooted Salvia,Dan Shen,chinese danshen,Red Sage,red sage root,Red-rooted Sage,Chinese sage,Red Ginseng,Tan-Shen,Tzu Tan-Ken(roots of purple sage),Hung Ken(red roots),Shu-Wei Ts''ao(rat-tail grass),Ch''ih Shen(scarlet sage),Pin-Ma Ts''ao(horse-racing grass,Salvia Root, Ch''ih Shen, Dan Shen, Dan-Shen, Huang Ken, Pin-Ma Ts''ao, Red Rooted Sage, Red Sage, Salvia Root, Shu-Wei Ts''ao, Tan-Shen, Tzu Tan-Ken. Salvia bowelyana; Salvia miltiorrhiza; Salvia przewalskii; Salvia przewalskii mandarinorum; Salvia yunnanensis.
Heart tonic:Dan shen is commonly known as a heart tonic. It strengthens and tones the heart and helps it to beat in a steady, regular rhythm. It also strengthens the liver and stimulates the production of bile. Dan shen has been reported to stimulate, improve, and support the thyroid gland.
Used in traditional herbal medicine to prevent pain, dan shen also protects nerve cells from free-radical damage, and may have applications in preventing alcohol and drug abuse.
Angina, atherosclerosis, and stroke. Dan shen extracts relax the smooth muscles that support the coronary arteries and increase circulation to the heart. The herb contains a substance called tanshinone IIA1, which slows the transmission of nerve impulses within the heart, slowing the pulse while increasing the heart''s ejection fraction, or the percentage of available blood that the heart''s main pumping chamber pumps into the blood vessels with each beat.
Dan shen also prevents the formation of clots in the bloodstream and reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It enhances the heart-healthy effect of unsaturated fatty acids and protects heart and nerve cells from a kind of free-radical damage known as reperfusion injury, which occurs when blood circulation is restored after heart attack or stroke, by increasing the effectiveness of vitamin E. Clinical researchers in China have reported improvements in people taking dan shen for angina, stroke, and phlebitis. Surgical experiments with animals indicate that dan shen may prevent recurrence of blockages after angioplasty.
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Dan shen changes the rate at which the body absorbs and uses copper. The binding of copper by compounds in dan shen retards the production of fibrin, a protein "rope" on which new blood clots are suspended. In people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), forestalling blood-clot formation can help to maintain normal blood pressure, and indirectly ensures that the brain receives enough oxygen for normal functioning.
Fibroids (uterine myomas) and menstrual problems. Dan shen is useful for short-term treatment of skipped periods or uterine fibroids. Authorities on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) note that the herb "releases" congealed blood, as shown by dark-red clots during menses, and eases pelvic congestion.
Hepatitis and liver damage. Dan shen has been shown clinically to be effective in treating chronic hepatitis. Experimentally, it has been reported to be effective in suppressing fibrosis in the liver.

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Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid
joryherb LTD supply free sample for testing

Chlorogenic Acid
Chlorogenic Acid 25% HPLC

Standardized HoneySuckle Flowers Extract powder.
Botanical Source: Flower of Lonicera japonica Thunb. Or Lonicera acuminata.Wall.
Appearance: Brownish yellow powder
Standard: Chlorogenic Acid 25% HPLC
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Package: 25/KG per paper drum or packed with little parcel.
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Chaste Tree Extract Powder

Chaste Tree Extract Powder

Chaste Tree Extract Powder

10:1 Powder

In Germany, the use of phytomedicines in the treatment of menstrual disturbances is often preferred over conventional treatment, if no contraceptives are indicated. Steroidal hormones are often considered unnecessary, and individual treatment initiated once differentiation has been made between cyclic and acyclic bleeding difficulties. A benefit of chaste tree treatment is the relative lack of side effects compared with treatment with steroidal hormones. Another benefit is that the price of chaste tree preparation therapy is far below that of conventional treatment methods. The German Commission E monograph on chaste tree fruits allows use of preparations for menstrual disorders due to rhythmic disorders of menstruation, mastodynia (pressure and swelling in the breasts), and premenstrual syndrome. Preparations include alcoholic extracts of the pulverized fruits (tincture) formulated to an average daily dose equivalent to 30-40 mg of the fruits. No contraindications are listed. While no interactions with other drugs are reported, animal experiments indicate the possibility of interference with dopamine-receptor antagonists. Side effects noted include too early menstruation following delivery (resulting from activation of the pituitary), as well as rare instances of itching and rashes. Chaste tree preparations are contraindicated during pregnancy.

In a recent review on the relationship between phytotherapy and orthodox medicine, a leading German researcher, H. Schilcher, noted that an important reason for the acceptance of phytotherapy by many German physicians is the existence of the scientifically supported Commission E monographs (recently published in English, cited below). Dr. Schilcher also notes that acceptance of phytotherapy rests with the fact that in Germany, their use is consider a component of orthodox medicine and not an alternative approach. In Germany chaste tree fruit preparations are considered a safe, effective, and low-priced tool available to, accepted by, and widely used by gynecologists.

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