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Grosvenor momordica-Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea

Post Date : November 07
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Health Tea
Guangxi China (Mainland)
wuzhou port
24 months
Chrysanthemum Tea
Tea Bag
Flavored Tea
120 Carton/Cartons per Month
Flower Tea


Health granule tea, health care, good for throat, protecting the liver and eyes, dispelling heat, reducing the fever or heat...

This product choose Grosvenor momordica and Chrysanthemum, refined after being distilled and concentrated with scientific method. It is convenient to drink and take. And it is also the preferred cool beverage for men and women, old and young staying at home or taking a trip in every season.

Ingredients: sugar, grosvenor momordica,chrysanthemum.

Directions for Use: 3-4times daily,1-2bages each time, take with boiled water.

Storage Method:Seal tight, keep in dry and cool place.

Net wt.: 160g(10g/packet x 16packets)

Specification: 10g x 16packets x 60packets


Action: to dispel wind-heat, to subdue hyperactivity of the liver, and dizziness, inflammation of the eye; blurred vision

Grosvenor momordica

Action: relieves pain in the throat: dispel heat, moisten the lung and relax the bowels

So this beverage can be good for eyes, maintain the skin angrily and make beautiful, prolong life.

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9-5  Folium Microcis Particulate

9-5 Folium Microcis Particulate

9-5 Folium Microcis Particulate

Folium Microcis Particulate is a commonly used folk herbal medicine. It is the origin of Guangxi.

Folium Microcis Particulate is a commonly used folk herbal medicine.It is fallopia nervosas leaves of Tiliaceae plants. It is the origin of Guangxi.
[Taste and effectiveness]
Slightly acidic taste, tart, cool-natured.It has the effectiveness of removing pathogenic heat to promote digestion.Can be used in colds, loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal distension and jaundice.

[Dosage] 15 ~ 30g.

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5-3 high quality sweet tea leaf

5-3 high quality sweet tea leaf

5-3 high quality sweet tea leaf

sweet tea leaf has become highly respected and will become the second generation of health drinks.Guangxi is the primary source

Sweet tea leaf have effectiveness such as the clearing heat and promoting fluid, moistening lung and relieve sore throat, expelling phlegm and arresting coughing.It is often used in the treatment of elderly obesity, hypertension, pollen allergy medicine natural health. Extracted from the sweet tea to pituitrin sweet, the sugar sweetness equivalent to 300 times, and especially taste. Since the 20th century, Guangxi in the early 80's survey found that sweet substances of the medicinal effect of tea, the sweet tea has become highly respected in Japan and other developed countries of the second generation of health drinks.

Sweet tea is the world's natural drug-free which is high sweetness, low energy and function with the best natural health sweet green plants. Wild sweet tea leaves are not only used as tea ,but also played an important role in effectiveness as the three anti-(anti-oxidation, anti-cancer changes, anti-allergic) four down (to lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, blood fat, lowering blood viscosity).

Guangxi is the primary source of sweet tea.

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