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Digital EEG System and Brain Mapping

Post Date : January 15
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Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Digital EEG System and Brain Mapping

* Dual isolation, insure security

* Record 16 leads EEG without pencils

* 3D EEG and brain relief map

* Self-contained management system of medical record

* Two ECG leads and one breathing lead for option

* Choose any EEG or ECG to enlarge or measure

* Multifold report patterns with picture and text

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Multi-functional Therapy Equipment

Multi-functional Therapy Equipment

Multi-functional Therapy Equipment

Multi-functional Therapy Equipment

JR-23 Series Multi-functional Therapy Equipment is a high and new technological product that mainly aims at treating and care feminine galactophore. On the basis of Chinese channel therapy, traditional and modern treatment manner, it integrates computer simulated electrical pulse stimulation and infrared light heat emission together. It is effective to benign mastitis, pelvic inflammation and parenchyma injure.

² There are seven therapeutic manners for different diseases

² Manifold warning mode

² Small volume, low power consumption and convenient operation.

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Radiation Medical Image Workstation

Radiation Medical Image Workstation

Radiation Medical Image Workstation

Radiation Medical Image Workstation


l Receive standard DICOM3.0 format images

l Check the list and acquire images from connected equipments such as CT, MR and etc.

l Support for various images searching.

l Support for images transmission.

l Support for DICOMDIR format CD browse.


l Support single screen, Dual Screen, vertical screen display.

l Can pre-setting manifold image display format.

l Provide scaling and roaming functions.

l Adjust the window width and level rapidly; no window default value and also the images can be restored to the original window value.

l Provide film playback function, and adjustable playback speed and manner.

l Provide the mirror, rotating, fake-color and negative image functions.

l Real-time CT value measurement.

l Can add all kinds of tagging: straight line, arrow, rectangle, round, free-form curve, arbitrary polygon.

l ROI Analysis: ROI region perimeter, area, maximum, minimum, average, the CT values etc.

l Support of the CT and MR images add positioning line.

l Image cutting and putting together.

l Support a variety of image formats lead-in and lead-out; multi-frame format DICOM images can be led out to AVI file.


l Can connect manifold laser cameras, and realize sharing resources.

l Provide various print format.

l Support various film size.

l Manual/ automatic processing the DICOM images to be printed.

l Arbitrary add and delete images.

l Provide scaling and roaming functions for the images to be printed.


l Can print written report or image report.

l Support various printing paper size: A4, B5, 16K etc.

l Provide various report templates, the user can add, delete and modify templates.

l Provide print preview function.

l The image on the report to be printed can be cut and adjusted the window width and level.

l Rich word processing functions: font, size, alignment, bold, italics, underline, etc.

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