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LIghtning Counter

Post Date : January 16
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Lightning Counter


Dear Buyer
In dealing of Lightning equipment in that Lightning Counter is one of the products.

Dear Buyer

In dealing ofLightning equipment in that Lightning Counteris one of the products. There are many different types of Counter in market in that Lightning Strike Recorder (LSR).The Stormaster ESE Terminal Captured the Lightning Strike. The (LSR) has a current sensitivity range of 1500A through to a maximum of 220kA @8/20µs impulse and operates by sensing current by mean of an inductivepickup loop. Our strike recorder has a mechanical 6 digit display secured within a polycarbonate IP 67 rated enclosure. The LSR is selfpowered.

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LPI Lightning Arrester

LPI Lightning Arrester

LPI Lightning Arrester

We are Supplying LPI Stormaster Lightning Arrester. In LPI product have ESE, CPRI Tested Certificate.

Dear Buyer

We are introducing the ESE AIR Terminal of LPI .Inthe electrical field market there are so many Lightning Arrester. INTERNATIONAL Certificate of French National StandardNF C 17-102. Research and Development has extended throughout: - Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesiathe USA and South Korea.

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LPI Lightning Arrester

LPI Lightning Arrester

LPI Lightning Arrester

We would like to introduce ourselves; Our Company was ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.

Dear Sir,

As well known Industry leader in this field, our growth is fueled by focus in providing Advanced Lightning Protection system in association with LPI - AUSTRALIA who are the international pioneers in this field. We are the leading supplier and service providers of Advanced Lightning Protection Systems and are well known for providing best products and round the clock after sales services to all ouresteemed customers.

Todays advanced & sophisticatedbuildings/structures like Refineries, Industries, Bottling Plants, ChemicalPlants, Chimneys, IT Buildings, Shopping Malls, BPO office buildings, etc arespace oriented & design conscious. Because of the complicated design &lack of space, it becomes almost impossible to cover the whole area by using conventional method of lightning rod.

Keeping this is mind; architects& consultants showed more interest in this area & came up with ESE(Early Streamer Emission) technology Lightning rods which allow the user to gofor only 1 lightning rod & 1 down conductor to cover more than 200meters of area approximately. With the software support of this system,we will be enable to fix up the areas of protection & selection of the system becomes easier.

Please find enclosed Technical broachers of these versatile products for your consideration. We hope the enclosed information will be useful for you to design the buildings & structures for the protection of direct lightningstrikes
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