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Multifunctional examination couch

Post Date : January 17
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Hospital Furniture
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Product Code: MED01027

Epoxy coated white coloured oval tube structure, 50x25x2 mm. Sections covered with high density fire retardant imitation leather class 1 IM. Adjustable height by electric motor (power 6000N) with pedal; during the movement the bed remains in the same position without swinging. Adjustable
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Product Code: EXPEDIA

Product Code: EXPEDIAFinally the new E.N.T. chairs "EXPEDIA" Not only the elite chair, but the new great quality one oriented to the future. An ergonomic and polyfunctional concept, aimed and intuitive. A futuristic design and mechanics applied in unexplored fields of the E.N.T. sector. Together with the innovation, we keep the power of tradition in the new "ECXPEDIA chairs you will find thew classic elevation "girder" and the inimitable basilar carter with round shape.
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Geratherm BasalCyclothermometer

Geratherm BasalCyclothermometer

Geratherm BasalCyclothermometer

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For natural family planning

The measurement of a woman`s body temperature can, under ideal circumstances and provided measurements and documentation are carried out correctly, indicate the period of fertility and the time of ovulation. Since the body temperature decreases slightly shortly before ovulation, the time of ovulation can be predicted by measuring the body temperature immediately on waking each morning. This measurement of the basal temperature is an alternative to chemical and/or hormonal methods of contraception.
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