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pita bread oven

Post Date : January 19
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arabic, pita, flatbread, naan bread, lebanese bread automatic tunnel oven,direct baking infra red panels

FARHAT pita bread tunnel oven is the baking industry's most versatile flat bread oven to hit the market. The oven design offers the thousand plus years of traditional method for baking pita and modern technology that delivers the intense heat safely for a complete bake. The oven combustion equipment is designed to meet the most stringent regulatory safety codes.

The FARHAT heavy duty steel framed ovens are suitable for a variety of products and operate with infra-red radiation from a tunnel of refractory bricks for tradional direct fired oven suitable for Arabic thin bread, or ribbon burner lined with bricks for increased radiant heat transfer to the pocket & greek pita . In addition, the baking surface is made of heavy duty steel plates.

The external body is entirely covered with Stainless Steel plates, giving the unit a distinguished appearance.

The machine is mechanically simplified, permitting easy operation and minimizing the need of maintenance.

The perfect thermal insulation of the body prevents any heat loss, resulting a remarkable gas saving.

The ovens are available in standard sizes, however, can be built to other sizes to suit your custom requirements.

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pita bread equipment, proofer

pita bread equipment, proofer

pita bread equipment, proofer

Pita & arabic bread equipment and making machines

The rounded dough sheets coming from the automatic flattener are moved into the final proffer to undergo a last leavening process.

They are automatically conveyed thereafter to the oven for the baking process.

Disposed as a multi-belt proofing channel, the conveying belts are made of high decay-resistant, food grade and dough repulsing non-stick material.

The lateral sides of the machine are covered with sliding transparent Plexiglas windows, isolating the leaving process from external atmosphere, allowing as well easy visual control of dough pieces movement and easy access during cleaning and maintenance.

The speed is electronically controlled by means of frequency inverter to adjust the leaving time from 4 to 30mn.

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pita & arabic bread automatic sheeter

pita & arabic bread automatic sheeter

pita & arabic bread automatic sheeter

arabic lebanese flatbread naan indian lavash pizza pocket pitta pita shami Khobiz or khobez and tannur bread automatic equipment

Very reliable sheeter, with output of 1, 2, 3, 4 up to 8 rows, suitable for sheeting soft and semi-hard dough balls.

This machine transforms the leavened dough balls coming from the intermediate proofer into round or oval equal sheets. It's characterized by its precision and capacity to give the required thickness equally to the whole loaf piece (from 1mm to 8mm thickness) by means of gauge regulator with visual indicator to show the required thickness.

This machines has four essential stages to transform the dough balls into thin sheet layers:

  1. flour duster with cotton pressing cylinders.
  2. two hard chrome or Teflon cylinders ( to give the oval shape)
  3. electro-pneumatic system to change the direction of dough 90 degree
  4. two hard or four hard chrome or Teflon cylinders to give the final perfect circular shape for the dough.

Production is electronically variable from 600 to 3000 pcs/hour per row, with a diameter range from 12 to 50cm. The Betta flattener is also available with touch-screen control panel, with many storable programs, that controls and stores all the machine functions, from adjustment of sizes to production speed, with diagnostics for possible operational problems.

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