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BrevitaCard Gift Card

Post Date : January 20
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BrevitaCard revolutionizes the gift card concept by giving all Brevita Cooperative Association members

The Equalizer

BrevitaCard revolutionizes the gift card concept by giving all Brevita Cooperative Association members and BrevitaCard POS System purchasers - single-unit, multiple unit and chains - a card that functions like the coffee retail giants' cards.

The BrevitaCard is a national gift card that can be used by cooperative members, independents and chains alike to provide their customers a tremendous benefit - a card that can be used everywhere - across brands. It creates a sense of community for the specialty coffee industry unmatched by any other business system.

  • No fee per swipe on BrevitaCard gift cards!
  • Highly competitive credit card processing rate (1.67%) and low transaction fee ($0.20)
  • Conquer one theft issue: Say goodbye to paper punch cards!
  • Now, a BrevitaCard gift card can be purchased in Florida and used to buy a drink in Montana. This is one of the first multiple owner, multiple location gift card programs in the United States.
  • There's no fee per swipe! Retailers are typically charged up to $0.40 per transaction for the use of gift cards. Retailers featuring the BrevitaCard keep their profits, ensuring their success and keeping prices lower for their guests.
  • The initial sale of the BrevitaCard gift card is immediately charged to the guest and stored in a pooled account awaiting redemption. No matter where the BrevitaCard gift card is used, the redeeming merchant receives 100% payment for their sale. This makes card acceptance a 100% guarantee at all Brevita locations and anywhere you see the "We accept BrevitaCard" sign.
  • A BrevitaCard gift card can be purchased in any amount in increments of $5. As an additional benefit, whenever a customer purchases or recharges their card with an amount of $25 or more, the purchaser receives a free drink voucher. Let your customers earn their loyalty up front!
  • Industry statistics show that 92% of gift card redemption takes place at the same location as the original BrevitaCard gift card purchase. Guests that purchase BrevitaCard gift cards want to come back!
  • BrevitaCard serves as a dedit card, loyalty card and gift card. Make purchases at using your BrevitaCard the same way as a debit card.
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Brevita is about two things: people and coffee.

We approach coffee in the same way we do all other aspects of our systems. We have strived to make Brevita systems as flexible as possible and able to accomodate the varying needs of most companies.

In that spirit, the choice of coffee that you use in your business is yours. In the same say that you can customize the outward appearance of your drive-thru, y6ou choose the coffee that you want to serve.

We exist to assist you in achieving your business goals. Purchase your Brevita drive-thru, choose your coffee and we will make it happen for you.

Brevita Farmer-Direct Coffee

With coffee plantations ("fincas"), processing and roasting facilities based in several of the renowned growing regions, Brevita has formed alliances that are vertically integrated - seed to cup. This commitment ensures that the coffee chosen for the Farmer Direct product is the very best and that the people who grow our coffee are always fairly compensated for their efforts.

Typically, coffee touches many hands on its way to the consumer. In the most complex model, it goes something like this:

  1. Grower
  2. Local farmer cooperative
  3. National or regional association
  4. Broker/Auctioneer
  5. Importer
  6. Roaster
  7. Retailer
  8. Consumer

Brevita's Farmer Direct coffee model works like this:

  1. Grower/Roaster/Exporter
  2. Brevita Delivers and its distribution partner,
  3. Brevita drive-thru and other retailers
  4. Consumer

By cutting as many as four layers of distribution, we can provide amazing coffee at amazing prices. By going farmer direct, we are also able to monitor quality at an unprecedented level. If you try our Farmer Direct espresso blend, you'll be amazed to get so much for so little.

Certified Organic, Shade Grown, Fairly Traded Coffee

Brevita has partial ownership in a 100% shade grown, certified organic, fairly traded coffee company located in the Pacific Northwest. For those customers that would prefer a 100% shade grown, certified organic, fairly traded coffee, they can feel free to build our Camano Island Coffee Roasters brand into their system.

Our beans are from the top 1% of all coffee grown around the world. You can't purchase a better coffee bean! There is a very structured and accurate grading chart available in the coffee industry. We only purchase coffee that has been graded as being the absolute best and on top of that, it has to be shade grown, fairly traded, and organic. When all is said and done, we are purchasing from the upper 1% of the entire available market. That is when our Master Coffee Roaster gets to shine the most, working the roast profile to absolute perfection in the coffee roaster. Sample after sample, and roast after roast, he continues to roast until perfection is achieved.

Consumers can find our coffee at any Brevita or Espresso Americano location. To purchase a gift package online, visit .

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Brevita Complete Drive thru Espresso/Smoothie Package

Brevita Complete Drive thru Espresso/Smoothie Package

Brevita Complete Drive thru Espresso/Smoothie Package

Let us help you get your coffee business started. We provide the drive thru unit, online training, customizable business plan, c

Private Branded Package Your complete drive-thru espresso/smoothie business!

Your drive-thru package includes:

  • Drive-thru unit:
    • 8'x14' Metal framed building
    • Fully wired and plumbed
    • 200 Amp electrical service
    • Fully self-contained fresh water and drain tank systems (ready for permanent hookups)
    • Stainless steel countertops
    • Sinks - 3 compartment sink, bar sink, hand sink
    • HVAC
  • Complete Equipment & Supplies Package
    • All necessary equipment - espresso machine, 2 grinders, 2 blenders, under counter refrigerator
    • Small wares and accessories for drink production
    • Initial startup consumable supplies for drink recipes
    • 3 cases of vanilla smoothie base mix (12 bags per case, 3 lb/bag)*
    • 1 case each of all cup and lid sizes (500 to 1000 per case)*
    • 1 case branded hot cup sleeves*
    • 24 Branded travel mugs*
    • 5 Branded aprons*
  • Brevita System Support** - first year access to:
    • Brevita University - online barista training, video training and iPod compatible, barista certification, complete classroom training materials
    • Getting Started - business planning, financial resources, site selection and regulatory assistance
    • New Owner Start Up - what to do to get open
    • Brevita Operations - everything you need to run your business
    • Brevita Manuals - all systems in a written format for easy printing or online review
    • Brevita Marketing - access to downloadable marketing materials including monthly drink specials, posters, business cards, letterhead, etc. Print them yourself or take them to your local printer
    • Brevita Human Resources - complete personnel resources
    • Brevita Forum - talk to other Brevita owners for support
  • Complete Point Of Sale System
    • Brevita point of sale - software and support included for first three months, thereafter $25 per month
      • Complete Windows based application
      • Preprogrammed with menu
      • Sales tracking and reporting
      • Timekeeping and scheduling
      • Inventory control
      • 1 year warranty parts and labor
    • National BrevitaCard gift card program
      • 100 gift cards*
      • Redeemable at participating stores in the United States
      • Owners receive full purchase amounts redeemed at his/her store
    • Merchant Credit Program*
      • Competitive low transaction rates
      • Easy to setup

*Brevita brand only; brand specific available for additional fee
**All training and systems developed for Brevita shops; customization available for additional fee

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