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BIRD TOLHURST centrifuges

BIRD TOLHURST centrifuges (16" Lab, Bottom-Drive, and Flip-Top) offer built-in design features that improve productivity and ensure maintenance-friendly upkeep. Its feed-cone design increases productivity by ensuring even and efficient distribution of slurry, and offers clean-in-place (CIP) performance with its rotating spray ball system.These centrifuges are equipped with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's) to match basket speed with product filtration characteristics. The machine also offers fully automatic operation through a Distributed Control System (DCS) interface or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which can be customized to individual processesAdvantages: Because the BIRD TOLHURST Centrifuge is available in fume-tight and high-pressure designs, it provides excellent application flexibility. Also, for hard to dewater slurries, it can provide separating force up to 1,000 G's. Extremely hard cakes are effectively handled by the standard reciprocating, dual-action plow.BIRD TOLHURST centrifuges are available in 32" (812.8 mm)/depth 20" (508 mm) to 48" (1,219.2 mm)/depth 30" (762 mm). Special Features: "Back blow" heel removal system Center-slung suspension Rapid change-out cartridge bearings Full-opening top CIP spray wash system Variable frequency drive Feed cone
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Waste Pelleting Equipment

Waste Pelleting Equipment

Waste Pelleting Equipment

Competence in pelleting of recycling products

Competence in pelleting of recycling productsProcess solutions for pelleting of industrial and household waste for recycling and combustion purposes have been continuously developed over the last 20 years. Due to the specialised design, roughness and proven performance, the UMT Paladin" pellet mills have a leading position within this niche. The Andritz Sprout waste pelleting technology assists a more controlled and environment friendly combustion of waste, and the pelleting increases bulk weight by a factor of 5-10, thereby making transportation and storing of waste products for recycling or combustion purposes practically and economically feasible, and thus leading to controlled handling rather than local burning or dumping.The Paladin range of pelleting presses offers reliability, maximum efficiency and ease of operation and maintenance. Applications of the end product from the processes we offer can be summarized as follows:Substitute fuels Paper sludge Plastics PE and PP Wood Carpet waste Municipal solid wasteRecycled for new productsPlastics Stabilizers Detergents Compost Sewage sludge Chemical Chicken Man Electronic waste Industrial dust Pur foam (e.b. refrigerator recycling)
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BIRD Process 2000 Centrifuge

BIRD Process 2000 Centrifuge

BIRD Process 2000 Centrifuge

The BIRD PROCESS 2000 Vertical Peeler Centrifuge incorporates state-of-the-art, PC-based

The BIRD PROCESS 2000 Vertical Peeler Centrifuge incorporates state-of-the-art, PC-based, computer-driven process controls to maximize product yields and provide multi-product flexibility. Designed to meet the needs of high, value-added pharmaceutical and fine chemical markets, the BIRD PROCESS 2000 Vertical Peeler Centrifuge can exceed the performance of existing inverting filter centrifuge (IFC) and horizontal peeler technologies in most applications, and at a lower invested cost. The PROCESS 2000 Centrifuge offers high separational forces (between 1,000 and 1,450 G's) for reduced cycle times and product moistures; a full-opening case for quick and complete CIP validation; a patented feed system that ensures even cake distribution while reducing dewatering times. Special design and automated controls are all geared towards one central objective -- maximum product yields in multi-product environments. Its superior CIP system and full-opening case reduce the time required for cleaning and validation. Basket accessibility also aids in the rapid change-out of filter media between campaigns. These combined features give operators the information needed to optimize cycle times, ability to address maintenance schedule notices, and prevent unexpected shutdowns. The centrifuge variable frequency AC electric drive is designed to improve productivity. The VFD efficiency helps reduce overall cycle times. Advantages: Increased productivity through improved product yields Maximum operator and product isolation Greater production flexibility through enhanced cGMP design Shortened product-to-market time Maximum productivity and on-line reliability through computer-based process control Typical Applications Pharmaceutical Fine or Specialty Chemical Chemical We have experience processing thousands of materials. Please contact us regarding your specific application. Technical DataCentrifgeType Diameter(in. mm) Depth(in. mm) Max. CakeThickness(in mm) Filtration SurfaceArea(ft.² m²) Cake Volume(ft.³ liter) GForce P2000/420 60 1524 22 559 7.0 178 28.8 2.67 14.8 419 1000 P2000/185 46 1524 16 406 5.5 140 16.05 1.5 6.5 185 1200 P2000/95 38 965 12 305 4.5 114 9.95 0.92 3.3 93.5 1450 P2000/35 28 711 8 203 3.5 89 4.90 0,46 1.25 35 1450 Dimensions in InchesCentrifugeType A(in) B(in) C(in) D(in) E(in) F(in) G(in) H(in) P2000/402 121 42 42 84 97 45 30 139 P2000/185 104 35 35 70 85 44 31 120 P2000/95 91 31 31 62 89 41 29 107 P2000/35 75 25 25 50 70 37 25 88 Dimensions in MillimetersCentrifugeType A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) G(mm) H(mm) P2000/402 3073 1067 1067 2134 2464 1143 762 3530 P2000/185 2642 879 879 1778 2159 1118 787 3048 P2000/95 2311 787 787 1575 2260 1035 737 2711 P2000/35 1905 635 635 1270 1778 940 635 2235
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